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Less than $1,000 to Go!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who have donated to Blewt! Productions' Kickstarter Fundraiser for our TV pilot of Don't Spit the Water! The response has been amazing and we now have less than $1,000 to go!

Here is the video!
We've also recently had some really great press:
Time Out Chicago
Columbia Chronicle
The Onion AV Club
Trib Local
and the Chicago Tribune (well, sort of)

This is so very exciting! Thank you all for your support!!

Another Amazing Video

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Fuzzy sent this to me today. I love it!!


Video for the Day

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My love for Ke$ha is no secret. I love her songs, her look, her attitude--everything. Homegirl knows how to write a catchy dance song. Last night I discovered her new amazing and hilarious video. The James Van der Beek conversation? Brilliant.


Also, the new Pink video, F'n Perfect, totally made me cry last night. So good.


I used to give my dad these little motivational tokens to keep in his pocket while he was going through treatment to give him a constant reminder of God's love, his strength, and all of our support. I have one in my jacket pocket now that I gave him that says "Strength."

I have started the cleaning and organizing that I referenced 2 posts ago, and I found a purse that I am going to donate. I was doing one last search through the pockets, and look what I found:


Three tokens that were his: a little turtle, one "Faith" and one "Courage."

Thanks, Dad.

A Song for Today

Allman Brothers, "Blue Sky"

Vermont Day

Forward momentum.
Why is it so hard to keep moving? I feel like I am stuck sometimes. We become afraid of making choices or taking risks out of fear: fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of looking dumb, fear of feeling dumb, fear of getting hurt, fear of hurting others. We carry around literal and metaphorical boxes of our pasts around with us without taking the steps we need to take to move forward.  We get caught up in routines, monotony--I personally get stuck on stressing about shows, rehearsals and dramas, and I constantly have to remind myself to just take a step back and chill the fuck out. Why is that so hard?

When we cleaned out Memaw Bane's house, I brought home photos and momentos with me. They are in boxes in my apartment. When we cleaned out Mom's house, I brought home a carload of photos and stuffed animals and art and things I couldn't bear to part with when we were there--when we were really parting with everything in a short period of time. I just couldn't make the clean break. Those literal boxes are crowding my living and dining rooms.

But now, Christopher and Katie are taking the biggest step in their lives in moving across the world for several years. Yet another house is going to be cleaned out, and I have every intention of taking some of their things as well. But I am also feeling so inspired by them. They are taking a major risk, and following their hearts and souls to go to an unknown place to do unknown things and they aren't letting anything or anyone stand in their way.  Their move to me is marking a new phase in not just their but also my life--yet another transition. I've been holding on to the past and refusing to move forward--staying in the routine, continuing the normal, keeping the paper clippings, mourning the loss of the parents that I once had, jealous of people who can go home to their families and have that comfort--to have a meal made for them, stories shared and a safe haven to go to.  I feel like I do still have that with my brother when we are together, but now, come January, I will probably only see him once in the current time they are planning to be gone. So I have to let go of even more.  If Christopher and Katie can say goodbye to their families, friends, cats, and most of their possessions, surely I can start to move forward, too. To me, it's like all bets are off. This is a major game changer in every way.  I've been putting off looking at photographs for fear that one day there will be no new photos of Dad; I've been feeling the need to scan every last photo and school program and newspaper clipping, but for what? Once C&K are in Africa, they won't be looking at old scans of things. No one is expecting me to do this--the pressure is all on myself. So it hit me last week that I can start to let things go again. Let the artwork that has no special meaning go. Move forward and leave the past behind--such is the nature of life. Everything is temporary.  

So I am allowing myself to be inspired by Christopher and Katie, and I am going to pack the photos up without looking at every single one, and I am going to store them. They need to live somewhere, and I can pull them out and look at hem whenever I want without having them take up precious real estate in my living areas.  I am going to streamline the things that are cluttering my apartment and stressing me out. I am going to widen the focus, too, and sort through my clothes and let go of things that I used to wear 10 years ago, to embrace the fact that I am a grown independent woman in my 30s and I don't need to hold onto the tons of clothes that I have or that were given to me or that I used to wear all the time or that don't fit any more. Too much clutter. I know that having too many things in the house stacked everywhere stresses me out, so what is stopping me from doing something about it? I am in control of my surroundings, life, happiness.

Today is Dad's birthday. I miss him so much all the time.  He and Mom always wanted to go to Vermont to watch the leaves turn colors--they never made it there. Christopher suggests that we call March 23rd "Vermont Day" to remind us to live life to the fullest and grab opportunities when they appear. I think that is so beautiful and so fitting.

Fuzzy found a disposable camera when we were cleaning out Mom's house last year. We just got it developed. These gems were in there:

Christopher and Dad Christopher and Dad

If I lived in the South today, I would sit outdoors listening to Allman Brothers or some good Southern Rock and Blues, eat some BBQ and drink a beer. It's days like to today that I miss the summer days in the house we grew up in with the screened windows and door when Dad would turn the speakers up so loud that you could hear the music outside and we would sit on the front porch (oh, how I miss having a front porch) and pet the cats and drink iced tea. It's days like today that I miss the back deck on the other house, where you could eat crawfish and potato salad and drink beer.

It's days like today that I remember the past with fondness, and thank it for making me who I am. It's days like today that I look to the future with a vision of what is important to me and what I love and continue to create the life that I want. It's days like today that I keep moving forward.

David Speech
(above pic of Dad from our wedding, by James Trevenen)

Fake Twitter 18

It's a little warmer today, and raining. Yet when I just stepped outside, I was hit with the unmistakable smell of snow in the air. The weird thing is, I didn't mind it. It was like seeing an old friend. #waxingnostalgic

Breaking the Bad

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I have the worst habit of biting and chewing on the inside of my mouth. I've always done it my whole life, and I do it more in times of high stress and anxiety. Lately it's gotten out of control, so I've decided to try to stop.

I am on Day 2, of trying to quit. The hard part about it is that my mouth is ALWAYS there, and I find myself mindlessly fishing around and starting to chew, but I try to stop before I do any major damage. In the car this morning, I tried to slap my thigh whenever I caught myself doing it. Today in my office, I slapped myself in the face (not super hard) to try to stop.

Hooboy, what a mess! I am honestly doing the best I can, though, so that's all I can do. I'm just super aware today of how often I do it. If only I had done it at Lent or something so I could have a religious reason to stop. But then I'd probably remember that I am not Catholic or of a denomination that gives things up for Lent, and I would start it up again.

Ah...addictions and nervous habits. DAMN YOU!

Wish me luck!

Schützen Verein Realness


Fuzzy and Erica

Fuzzy and Me looking good* at the German Shooting Club Coronation this past Saturday.

Seriously. Read Fuzzy's review here, and Claire's here. Other Fun Shots:

BSV's Brandenberg Gate


Fuzzy and the BSV seal

Pretty Ladies

*as soon as I posted that first picture, Melissa asked if I lost a leg. HA! No, I am just standing all lady like with my legs together. It just LOOKS like I lot a leg or was a victim of bad photoshopping. That is hilarious!!!!!

Fake Twitter 17

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A typo in text message from a friend has become my new favorite phrase: "Wang to cone." It was supposed to read "want to come" but I think we can all agree that "Wang to cone" is far superior.

Random Thoughts from a Crazy Person

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*Both my wrists hurt. Not just my arthritis lefty, but my righty is hurting too. Need to limit my computer time. But oh no, I am on the computer RIGHT NOW.

*Does anyone else hate the new Sirius online listening system? Crappy crappy crappy.

*The worst part about the fact that this week's attempt at the Bob Harper video has resulting in full body pain is the fact that my office is a loft with a big spiral staircase connecting the top and bottom. Hooboy, it is going to be a long day.

*It was in the 60s and 70s this week! I have hope! I remember why Chicago is lovely! Spring! Summer! I wore a skirt yesterday with NO TIGHTS.

*I have SXSW envy.

*My bro is in Taiwan right now. Whoa. Seriously, he and Katie are so cool.

*Tomorrow we are going to a banquet/dance for this German shooting club that Fuzzy is a member of. What?! I anticipate there being lots of stories.

*Work event in less than 3 weeks!

*How do cats know when it is time to get up and why do they choose THAT TIME to get all snuggly, pluffy and purry in the bed?

*I am trying hard these days to live in the moment. So far so good.

Big News in the Reid Family

Most of you know that my brother and sister-in-law have been trying to move to Africa to help and work in communities for years and years and years. Well, I am very happy to report that they have been invited to join the Maryknoll Lay Missioners program and will be departing in January 2012. This is a blessing and an answer to many prayers in the family, and I am so damn proud of them. I am also really sad about it, as my brother and I are extremely close and I depend on him for a lot of things, and I will miss them terribly. We've had a lot of changes over the past few years in the family, and this will be another huge transition for us all. But I am Christopher and Katie's biggest supporters, and I cannot be more excited for them.

Christopher recently wrote and posted some FAQ about this big move on his facebook page, and I pulled them off of Katie's blog, so I am reposting them here.  Enjoy!

FAQ for Africa

So, not surprisingly, announcing that we're not just moving but moving to AFRICA has resulted in people having a lot of questions for us. I have prepared this list of frequently asked questions to hopefully provide people answers to most of the questions people may have.

1. Moving to Africa? Why?
No surprise for those who see us regularly, but this has been a dream for almost a decade. The original plan was to go abroad in 2006. We even applied for Peace Corps and several other programs, but my father's cancer waylaid those plans. So we've been working toward this for years. As for why we're moving to Africa, this one is a bit more difficult to answer. Katie and I have been fascinated by the continent for years and years. We even visited Tanzania and Kenya in 2006. I can speak a little Swahili, we've both tutored Somali Bantu refugees, and I helped found the Pan-African Student Association at USC. We just dig the place, man. We want to go have a substantial overseas experience, and the work that Maryknoll Lay Missioners (MKLM) does is awesome, so we are ecstatic to be a part of this organization and its mission of working among poor communities around the world.

2. Seriously, Bro. You're talking about moving to Africa. Are y'all crazy?
Nope. Africa and Africans are awesome. It won't be easy, but we're up for the challenge.

3. Are you both going?
Yes. We are married and enjoy each other's company. Therefore we have decided to move together. But seriously, this isn't something tat one of us wants to do and the other is just going along with it; we're both really excited about this move.

4. Why not stay here? There are plenty of problems here in the US.
True. But we want to live in Africa, so we're moving there. Simple! Also, I've been teaching a class on International Social Work, and all my relevant experience is domestic work with internationals here in the States. I've talked the talk; now it's time to walk the walk.

5. Will it be dangerous?
Most likely not. While I cannot tell the future, both Tanzania and Kenya are relatively peaceful (especially Tanzania). We do not foresee any issues, but it is a risk we have discussed and are willing to take.

6. What are Maryknoll Lay Missioners?
Here's bit from the MKLM website:

"...We are a lay Catholic community called through baptism to witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, crossing boundaries of culture, nationality and faith to join our lives with impoverished and oppressed peoples of the earth. With them, we discern the presence of God's Spirit in all creation and in the world's many cultures and religions, and work toward human liberation and inter-religious dialogue in Africa, Asia and the Americas.

...We strive together for justice, peace and fullness of life, and so our ministries are offered in response to the needs of the people with whom we live and work, and with respect for the integrity of all creation.

...We challenge unjust structures and systems, seeking transformation of the very powers that create and benefit from the marginalization of communities, and we commit to becoming a dynamic anti-racist organization that reflects the ethnic and cultural richness of the US Catholic Church and the world in this millennium."

A great organization. Pretty badass, actually. Learn more at their website:

7. What is the timeline for your move?
We will find out our country placement in June. Out pre-departure orientation and training takes place in Ossining, NY, and occurs mid-September through mid-December. We'll leave early January 2012 for our placement and be abroad for 3 ½ years, with the option to stay longer if we so choose. We'll both remain at our jobs into the summer. Not really sure at this point exactly when our last day will be. We're working that out right now. [Erica's Note: Why not seek Ossining this time around?]

8. What will you be doing?
Well, we don't actually know that yet. But we do know we'll be using our Social Work training to work in marginalized and poverty-stricken communities most likely around either health or educational initiatives. When we arrive in our country of placement, we'll first be put into an intensive language program to learn Swahili. While this is happening, we'll be visiting prospective work sites to determine the best placement. It will be a "mutual discernment" to find the balance between our interests and the needs of the organization and community. It's a bit nerve-wracking to move to the other side of the world without a clear idea of what we'll be doing, but I have faith that the placement process will ultimately find a very good fit for our talents and interests.

9. Are you getting paid?
Yes. Not a lot, but enough to live on. We'll also have a retirement fund and insurance.

10. What are you doing with the house? What about your stuff?
We hope to sell it. If we cannot, we will rent it. We'll be keeping certain sentimental pieces of furniture and odds and ends, but largely we will divest ourselves of most of what we own. I think it will be difficult, then liberating.

11. What about the cats and the bees?
One beehive will be relocated to City Roots, the CSA just up the road from our house. The other will be sold. As for the cats- well, that's the toughest part of the move, I think. I LOVE our cats. Luckily, they will both be moving into a new home with our friends Travis and Julia sometime in April.

12. What does this mean for being Foster Parents?
It means it will not happen at this point in our lives. The fostering process was actually very frustrating, but that's an issue for another post. We knew when we applied for MKLM that we would only be fostering a little while; however, we never got a placement that worked out. The fostering approval process took much longer than anticipated, and the MKLM approval happened quicker than we thought, so the timing didn't gel. We're sad fostering didn't work out, but we're thrilled to be going overseas. We'll have other opportunities down the road to start a family.

13. Can you come back to the US at any point in the 3 1/2 years?
Yes, we can, and we very well might. However, the costs of a trip home are quite high, so timing and cost will determine whether we can actually make a trip home.

14. Can people visit you while you're over there?
Absolutely. It's encouraged, actually, so folks can see for themselves the work that MKLM are doing. In fact, there are a few of you from whom I EXPECT a visit. It will be an amazing vacation- life changing!

15. Do we need to do fundraising before we go?
No; MKLM has funding available to send missioners. However, the organization can always use support, so from time to time you may be receiving information from us about ways you could help support our work. If you are able to help support us, it would be appreciated.

16. Are you giving away any of your CDs?
Ha HA. No.  

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I got lots of sleep, the sun is shining, I made fresh juice this morning....why is my head hurting so badly? Oh yeah--it's cause I haven't had coffee.  #addictions

Help Us Get Don't Spit the Water on TV!!


Ok, so you know the creative minds at Blewt! will never leave well enough alone, so here's what we are doing now. Neal Sabin from Weigel Broadcasting has agreed to air a pilot of Don't Spit the Water on one of their networks (if you are in Chicago, these networks are The U, Me TV, The U Too and Me-Too) if we can get the project funded through a Kickstarter campaign. Seriously!

We're trying to raise $6,000. We have until April 15th to do so. With any donation over $15, you get something nifty out of it, too!

Go here for more info and for a fun video!
(I will embed it when I can get it to work.)

If you are reading my blog, then you are one of my loved ones, and therefore know what Don't Spit the Water means to me and how much of our hearts and souls we've put into this show.  If you are able to donate even a little bit, it will put us closer to seeing one of our dreams come true--putting our silly little game show on TV.

Thank you!


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E at parlor dork.JPG



I judged a pageant yesterday in Indiana and it was amazing and a great time. I can't talk about it, really, but let's just say I learned a lot about the Miss America Scholarship Program and met a lot of incredible women, and well as made some new friends in my judges panel. For the pageant, I had to create a bio that was all-incompassing, and I have to say, I am really proud of myself! I thought I would post it here, cause if you can't put a bio on your own blog, where can you put it?

Erica Reid has been performing, producing and choreographing in the Chicagoland area for over ten years.  She is a founding member of Blewt! Productions, the creation of which was recently named one of the "Top Moments that Changed Chicago Comedy in the Last Decade" by Time Out Chicago Magazine, with whom she performs with and produces the hit shows "Impress These Apes" and "Don't Spit the Water" along with numerous video projects.  Erica served as a producer on the Barenaked Ladies video "Pollywog in a Bog" with the Noah Ginex Puppet Company, with whom she has also directed.  She has performed with KOKO, FuzzyCo Productions, Galileo Players, IO Theatre, Greta Mae Productions, along with myriad improv teams, and was featured in the Oxygen Network's "Girl's Behaving Badly." She has choreographed for Coudal Partners, the Belmont Burlesque Revue, ComedySportz Chicago, Chicago Opera Vanguard, The IO Theatre, Stir Friday Night, for the nationally syndicated "Sports Action Team" (Towers Productions, Inc.) and many more.  In her homestate of Mississippi, she was a founding member of Capitol City Improv and performed in numerous shows at New Stage Theatre in Jackson.  As a model, Erica can be seen in the book Skrebneski Seduced, a retrospective of the career of Victor Skrebneski, as well as for Po Campo bike bags.  Erica is currently the Dance Director of the Kiss Kiss Cabaret at the Greenhouse Theatre, where she choreographs and oversees group and solo dance routines.

Fake Twitter 15

Come on weekend! Would you believe I am judging a pageant this weekend? BELIEVE IT!!  Also, Fake Twitters are the lovechild of drinking a lot of coffee and being alone in the office. The real question is, are they FRIEND or FOE? #comeonweekendwouldyoubelieveIamjudgingapageantthisweekendbelieveitalsofaketwittersarethelovechildofdrinkingalotofcoffeeandbeingaloneinthe officetherealquestionisaretheyfriendorfoe

1) I am back into working out regularly, and I love it. I am ready to tackle the daunting task of doing this triathlon that is looming ahead of me. EXTREME!
2) I love Bob Harper. He can really push you, but you don't mind it cause he is so nice about it and plus he is easy to look at. And he has cool tattoos.
3) The 20 minute Butt and Balance workout was just what I needed today. I loved it.
4) I think it is interesting that the fitness models in the video can barely do the exercises. It was an interesting twist to see them struggle and fidget and get reprimanded just as much as I was. However...
5) ...I think sometimes they forgot that they were being filmed for a DVD. Especially Becky, who was a chronic eye-roller/give-upper. Maybe that's why poor Becky didn't make any of the 3 photos on the back of the box. Don't give up, Becky! You did great!
6) Ok, now I am going to go shower and then pass out. extreme....

Exciting things are happening!

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about Don't Spit the Water!

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Later today, Fuzzy will be celebrating Friday in his office with pie and beer. Later today, I will be celebrating Friday in my office by sitting in a room by myself staring at my computer and waiting to go home. #ihaveaveryexcitinglife

Fake Twitter 13

Question of the Day: Is a hot chocolate with a shot of espresso the same thing as a mocha? Fuzzy says no, Metropolis says yes. Please weigh in. #ihadadreamlastnightaboutcoffeeforrealihaveissues

I can't stop cracking up

Fuzzy just introduced me to rage comics.

And then he created this one, which is a true account of what happened to us last night:


Crosswalk Poker Face

Fake Twitter 12

Good day today! Feeling on top of things. Ready for some wine!! #choosingtobehappy

Fake Twitter 11


@Jill Thanks! I also love your idea for 32 before 32. It's inspiring! However, I have less time than you!!!  @IanWilliams I AM SO JEALOUS. #repliestofriends

Fake Twitter 10

I just went for an hour long walk. Oh my gosh it is TOO COLD out there! Come on Spring! I can't feel my butt!! #ericacicle

Fake Twitter 9

Oh no, I am eating again. LOOK OUT, STOMACH!!  #dontwanttogetoverfullagain

Fake Twitter 8

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Put your mask back on. #nowdontgetbitter

Fake Twitter 7

If anyone out there has been wondering what to get me for my birthday, the answer is fake legs for Latte so I can do things like pretend that Latte is typing, or washing dishes, or covering her face, or playing poker, or throwing a frisbee or drinking a beer, or anything that fake cat legs can do. #iwantfakelegsforlattebits

Fake Twitter 6

Hooo boy, I love my husband. He's the best and the cutest and he loves me although I am a weirdo emotional trainwreck of a spazz. I am so lucky!!! #truelove

Fake Twitter 5

Too much coffee and quiche!!!!! #stilloverfull

Fake Twitter 4

Yesterday's ballet teacher kicked my ass and also blew my mind. It was like a private workshop, only today I can barely move. I have a newfound appreciation of professional ballerinas. Also, I am jealous of them. #dancersaremessedup

Fake Twitter 3

Fuzzy and I are lucky, though, to have a cat that doesn't mind being lifted over a head with one hand. She was all like "ho, hum...typical day." #Parker

Fake Twitter 2

The key to lifting your 20 pound cat over your head with one hand is to find the fulcrum, otherwise, you'll get fat slipping and sliding everywhere. #parker

Fake Twitter 1

Ugh, I keep getting excited by things like food, coffee and wine and go "hogwild" only to be reminded 10 minutes later that my stomach isn't up to capacity yet after my stomach virus. #overfull