I used to give my dad these little motivational tokens to keep in his pocket while he was going through treatment to give him a constant reminder of God's love, his strength, and all of our support. I have one in my jacket pocket now that I gave him that says "Strength."

I have started the cleaning and organizing that I referenced 2 posts ago, and I found a purse that I am going to donate. I was doing one last search through the pockets, and look what I found:


Three tokens that were his: a little turtle, one "Faith" and one "Courage."

Thanks, Dad.


He loved those little tokens.

Hi there,
I just saw this when I was looking for something else. I am the person who made the courage and faith pebbles. They were made after(or for) my grandfather who carried three stones from the Isle of Mull where he was from. It warms my heart to know something so little has been passed down as it should be. I now have those three stones from the Isle of Mull and they are in a box for my son when he is old enough to understand and respect that a small object can carry huge sentiment from one person to another..... I just thought I would write to tell you I found your story and wanted to share mine....
thank you and best wishes