Random Thoughts from a Crazy Person

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*Both my wrists hurt. Not just my arthritis lefty, but my righty is hurting too. Need to limit my computer time. But oh no, I am on the computer RIGHT NOW.

*Does anyone else hate the new Sirius online listening system? Crappy crappy crappy.

*The worst part about the fact that this week's attempt at the Bob Harper video has resulting in full body pain is the fact that my office is a loft with a big spiral staircase connecting the top and bottom. Hooboy, it is going to be a long day.

*It was in the 60s and 70s this week! I have hope! I remember why Chicago is lovely! Spring! Summer! I wore a skirt yesterday with NO TIGHTS.

*I have SXSW envy.

*My bro is in Taiwan right now. Whoa. Seriously, he and Katie are so cool.

*Tomorrow we are going to a banquet/dance for this German shooting club that Fuzzy is a member of. What?! I anticipate there being lots of stories.

*Work event in less than 3 weeks!

*How do cats know when it is time to get up and why do they choose THAT TIME to get all snuggly, pluffy and purry in the bed?

*I am trying hard these days to live in the moment. So far so good.

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Cats just know. Callie doesn't come into the living room at night when the tv is on. As soon as I turn it off, she comes in prrrting and purring and crawling all over me!!!!