Breaking the Bad

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I have the worst habit of biting and chewing on the inside of my mouth. I've always done it my whole life, and I do it more in times of high stress and anxiety. Lately it's gotten out of control, so I've decided to try to stop.

I am on Day 2, of trying to quit. The hard part about it is that my mouth is ALWAYS there, and I find myself mindlessly fishing around and starting to chew, but I try to stop before I do any major damage. In the car this morning, I tried to slap my thigh whenever I caught myself doing it. Today in my office, I slapped myself in the face (not super hard) to try to stop.

Hooboy, what a mess! I am honestly doing the best I can, though, so that's all I can do. I'm just super aware today of how often I do it. If only I had done it at Lent or something so I could have a religious reason to stop. But then I'd probably remember that I am not Catholic or of a denomination that gives things up for Lent, and I would start it up again.

Ah...addictions and nervous habits. DAMN YOU!

Wish me luck!

1 Comment

Good luck with trying to break your habit! Your mouth would probably thank you, if it could talk. Wait a minute, it can talk........