Schützen Verein Realness


Fuzzy and Erica

Fuzzy and Me looking good* at the German Shooting Club Coronation this past Saturday.

Seriously. Read Fuzzy's review here, and Claire's here. Other Fun Shots:

BSV's Brandenberg Gate


Fuzzy and the BSV seal

Pretty Ladies

*as soon as I posted that first picture, Melissa asked if I lost a leg. HA! No, I am just standing all lady like with my legs together. It just LOOKS like I lot a leg or was a victim of bad photoshopping. That is hilarious!!!!!


You and Fuzzy look lovely, even though you only have one leg. Did Fuzzy get to wear one of the feathered hats? It sounds like loads of fun!

For a 1-legged person, you sure stand straight. seriously though, you look beautiful!

Aaarrrrgh! Strap on yer peg leg and get down in that dress!