I judged a pageant yesterday in Indiana and it was amazing and a great time. I can't talk about it, really, but let's just say I learned a lot about the Miss America Scholarship Program and met a lot of incredible women, and well as made some new friends in my judges panel. For the pageant, I had to create a bio that was all-incompassing, and I have to say, I am really proud of myself! I thought I would post it here, cause if you can't put a bio on your own blog, where can you put it?

Erica Reid has been performing, producing and choreographing in the Chicagoland area for over ten years.  She is a founding member of Blewt! Productions, the creation of which was recently named one of the "Top Moments that Changed Chicago Comedy in the Last Decade" by Time Out Chicago Magazine, with whom she performs with and produces the hit shows "Impress These Apes" and "Don't Spit the Water" along with numerous video projects.  Erica served as a producer on the Barenaked Ladies video "Pollywog in a Bog" with the Noah Ginex Puppet Company, with whom she has also directed.  She has performed with KOKO, FuzzyCo Productions, Galileo Players, IO Theatre, Greta Mae Productions, along with myriad improv teams, and was featured in the Oxygen Network's "Girl's Behaving Badly." She has choreographed for Coudal Partners, the Belmont Burlesque Revue, ComedySportz Chicago, Chicago Opera Vanguard, The IO Theatre, Stir Friday Night, for the nationally syndicated "Sports Action Team" (Towers Productions, Inc.) and many more.  In her homestate of Mississippi, she was a founding member of Capitol City Improv and performed in numerous shows at New Stage Theatre in Jackson.  As a model, Erica can be seen in the book Skrebneski Seduced, a retrospective of the career of Victor Skrebneski, as well as for Po Campo bike bags.  Erica is currently the Dance Director of the Kiss Kiss Cabaret at the Greenhouse Theatre, where she choreographs and oversees group and solo dance routines.


WOWSERS!!! That is great! I am so proud of you! And you are not a dork!!!!!!!!!

You are impressive! Good job!

what a great bio! what a great gal!

I am also proud of you, BUT regardless of what mom says, you ARE a dork.