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Dear Cee Lo Green or Any Other Recording Artist,

Great job on recording an album! I am sure it is awesome and I hope that billions of people buy it and rock out to it all the time.

Real quick word of advice, though--it might be smart to refrain from using sirens in your songs. I know I know, it sounds really cool, it does. But for those of us who like to listen to music in our cars (and there are a few of us), it can be confusing when we hear your song on the radio. We might slow down, look into our rear view mirrors, try to pull over, and then wonder why no one else is stopping. We might try to find the ambulance or fire truck so we can safely get out of its way. And when we turn the music down to try to hear it better, we might just might think that maybe it passed us, only to later be confused when we turn the music back up. And then, when we realize that it is softly playing in the background of your song, we will think you are an idiot.

Erica Reid Gerdes

PS--This letter also applies to anyone who records or edits radio advertising.

Grady in USA Today

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Wooo! My meteorologist friend Grady (Melissa's husband) has his research in USA Today today! Go Grady!




Ok, so I am in the last week of April--April I have known was going to be the busiest most insane month of the year for me, and oh, it has been. But soon it will be warm (right?) and I will organize my house (won't I?) and I will have a little more time to breathe before I start the insanity that will be June and July/August. Right?

Have I posted here yet that I am breaking my 2 year non-performance time this summer? I am bringing ole tried and true Cutie Bumblesnatch back for a Don't Spit the Water at the Wilmette Theatre on May 7th, and then she will be premiering all new royalty free bits for the pilot taping on June 14th. Have I mentioned that this thought gives me chest pains? But I am excited, too. And maybe, just maybe I will be participating in Apes in a really fun way this summer?

Also, weddings! Fuzzy and I performed a wedding service on Saturday for some friends of ours (it was gorgeous!) and I am performing another for a beloved friend in less than 3 weeks! And another in August!

August is also the triathlon. Remember that? Right. I went swimming today, but it is stil too cold for running or biking (thanks, indoor pool!)

Ultimately, I can't tell you how happy I am these days. As I was getting ready for work this morning, I was thinking about how much I have it made. I have an amazing husband--the best in the world! I have incredible friends, a loving family. I have a job, and I am working on 3 amazing creative projects that are very satisfying and fulfilling. I get to dance. I am heathly and I enjoy working out and also having down time. I am aware of how lucky I am and how blessed I am and that I am living my dreams. What more could I ask for?!

So this is my Easter-a-day-late post. I will avoid getting overly religious here (cause I like to do that in my own time) but I straight up can feel the power of the Resurrection and God's love in my life. It's pretty amazing.




Here are some pics from last week's show on Time Out Chicago's Blog!

Couple things

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1) WTF Chicago?!!? Snow AGAIN?! ENOUGH ALREADY! I need to start running and biking and it is still to damn cold outside!

2) I am still way busy and really behind, but I am sloooowly getting caught up. I've not been this busy in a long time! I feel like I am accomplishing tons, though!

3) My birthday was amazing this year. Great lunch with lovies, awesome dance party that night. I have the most amazing friends. I am so blessed.

4) If you live in the Chicagoland area, you can possibly be a contestant for Don't Spit the Water! on TV! Submit your audition video HERE!

Meet My New Friend!

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Spukey Trix!

Spukey Trix!



From Steve Gadlin:

38 years ago, a time-tattered, leather-faced shrew of a woman walked all the way from Itta Bena, Mississippi, to Chicago, Illinois, to forge a new life and career as an improvisational joke maker.  She made many friends, many enemies, and quite a name for herself - Miss Erika Reed.

Well today is that gasbag's 57th birthday.  We wish you, Erika Reed, a happy one.  From your friends at Blech!


The event is over.

I survived. Just barely.

At the airport

Being at the airport makes me love people. Everyone has their own life, everyone is just trying their best. So much sincerity...it's almost too much to handle. I love people.


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Don't Spit the Water reached our goal! With 10 days left to go, too!
Many many thanks to all my friends and family (I'm looking at you Jan!) who donated to the cause. I cannot tell you how much it means to me.

The shoot date is scheduled for June 14th! If you are in Chicago and interested in being a member of our studio audience, please leave me a comment below or shoot me an email!

Much love!

Busy Busy!

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Things are great! Things are busy!
I won't probably update much this week as I am tied up with NY Work Event 2011, so I hope everyone has a great week!

Happy Birthday Katie!!!


Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet sis-in-law, Katie!

I love you, Katie! You're the best sister ever! Thanks for loving my brother although he is a weirdo (ps you are too) and thanks for putting up with our crazy family!