Couple things

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1) WTF Chicago?!!? Snow AGAIN?! ENOUGH ALREADY! I need to start running and biking and it is still to damn cold outside!

2) I am still way busy and really behind, but I am sloooowly getting caught up. I've not been this busy in a long time! I feel like I am accomplishing tons, though!

3) My birthday was amazing this year. Great lunch with lovies, awesome dance party that night. I have the most amazing friends. I am so blessed.

4) If you live in the Chicagoland area, you can possibly be a contestant for Don't Spit the Water! on TV! Submit your audition video HERE!

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I was going to buy you a sweater or something but I thought y'all were past sweater weather. and now SNOW? I shoulda bought the sweater!!!!! A MS sweater should feel good about right now. BTW, it is supposed to be 87 tomorrow. I just wish we could average the temps and we'd all be happy!!!!