An Open Letter to Cee Lo Green or Any Other Recording Artist


Dear Cee Lo Green or Any Other Recording Artist,

Great job on recording an album! I am sure it is awesome and I hope that billions of people buy it and rock out to it all the time.

Real quick word of advice, though--it might be smart to refrain from using sirens in your songs. I know I know, it sounds really cool, it does. But for those of us who like to listen to music in our cars (and there are a few of us), it can be confusing when we hear your song on the radio. We might slow down, look into our rear view mirrors, try to pull over, and then wonder why no one else is stopping. We might try to find the ambulance or fire truck so we can safely get out of its way. And when we turn the music down to try to hear it better, we might just might think that maybe it passed us, only to later be confused when we turn the music back up. And then, when we realize that it is softly playing in the background of your song, we will think you are an idiot.

Erica Reid Gerdes

PS--This letter also applies to anyone who records or edits radio advertising.


Wooo-eee. Wooo-eeee.

I totally second that!!!

I totally agree! I've heard them in a song before and I'm frantic trying to find the ambulance, etc. Amen sister!

HAHA I have the same thing happen to me when I listen to "Bright Lights Big City"

It happened to me yesterday!!!! Because I was going a tad over the speed limit, I though, oh no, but it was the radio!! Damn sirens!!!!