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Hey y'all! Sorry about the inconsistant posting these days--it is just still trucking along with busy things and sun shine and everything is great. Fuzzy and I ran our first official 5K of the year yesterday. Well, not really official--we ran it guerilla style without officially signing up. The weather was gorgeous and we ran with our friend Claire and it was the longest distance I've done yet this year, and although I was a little day-after-boozy (not too bad, though) I ran the whole way and felt great after. Yeah! I can't wait for summer running! Now I just need to get on my bike--stay with us, sun!! I am going to try to get into 2 dance classes a week again--or at least one. I need it. Other goals: take desk down and put up heavy bag for 10 minutes of punching a day. I did a new kettlebell workout the other day and I loved it and have been MEGA sore ever since. Rehearsals are plentiful and keeping me busy, but my gals (and guy!) are so awesome that I am constantly inspired. The randomness of this paragraph is a good example of what my brain is like these days. So yeah, nothing super new or exciting to report...just trucking along and having a good time doing it. xoxo

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I'm not sure how far 5K really is, but I am imppressed! Congratulations! Tomorrow our temp drops to mid sixties instead of the 87 we had today. It'll start warming up the next day and will be 90 in about a week. Not ready for that! But keep up the good work, you and Fuzzy!