Some Thoughts about the Bob Harper Inside Out Method Workout DVD

1) I am back into working out regularly, and I love it. I am ready to tackle the daunting task of doing this triathlon that is looming ahead of me. EXTREME!
2) I love Bob Harper. He can really push you, but you don't mind it cause he is so nice about it and plus he is easy to look at. And he has cool tattoos.
3) The 20 minute Butt and Balance workout was just what I needed today. I loved it.
4) I think it is interesting that the fitness models in the video can barely do the exercises. It was an interesting twist to see them struggle and fidget and get reprimanded just as much as I was. However...
5) ...I think sometimes they forgot that they were being filmed for a DVD. Especially Becky, who was a chronic eye-roller/give-upper. Maybe that's why poor Becky didn't make any of the 3 photos on the back of the box. Don't give up, Becky! You did great!
6) Ok, now I am going to go shower and then pass out. extreme....