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I am fine

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Hey everyone.

I am here, I am fine. I've been overwhelmed and stressed lately, so to combat all the bullshit, I have been putting a limit on my computer usage. I will update sometime soon with photos and stories, but until then, here is a photo of Melissa's dog, Miller, and a peekaboo Oprah magazine:



Mom wins the prize by guessing that I was visiting Melissa!
Woop woop! More photos to come soon!


More Retreat Clues

Here are some more clues from where I was last weekend. Keep guessing, Mom!

IMG_2136 IMG_2137 IMG_2121
And this one might be the clincher (sorry, Hanson, for the feet): IMG_2120

What a little sunlight can do....

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Today is sunny and though not as warm as yesterday, all the snow is gone and it just feels like spring in the air. I am in MUCH better mental spirits today (no tears!) and though my stomach is still a mess (I had to bolt out of my date with "The Ladies" last night for fear that I was going to barf on the table) I am feeling a lot lighter and happier, and that is wonderful. I have a great weekend coming up, and tonight dinner with friends, drinks (club soda for me) with even more friends, and then a group outing to KKC! Hooray! If you see this and want to come, there are still tickets available (we sold out so we moved to a bigger theatre!)--just give them the discount code "Erica" at the box office. Show time is 11pm.

Tomorrow, I can't wait to rest. I am really good at resting.

Also, save the date! April 12th! D.A.N.C.E.P.A.R.T.Y.

(this blog post was brought to you by the parenthesis)



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So much to report, so little time and energy.

My trip was amazing. So wonderful and warm and refreshing and I saw beloved friends and ate yummy food and got some hardqore R&R.

I came home Monday night to my darling husband who had loaded the house with Valentines Day happies: flowers, chocolates, presents. My life is the best.

And then that night I got hit with a massive stomach bug and thought I was going to die. I couldn't move, other than to vomit, for several hours (3am-11:15am) and I was miserable the rest of that day and the next one, too.  Again, because I am blessed with the most amazing man ever, Fuzzy worked from home Tuesday so that he could clean my barf bucket and walk me to the bathroom and bring me popsicles. That's love!

Now I am way behind at work, way behind in my show, way behind and overwhelmed with everything. I am still not able to eat regularly.  But I am trucking along and I see a break in the clouds...

Pics and stories to come later!


I am so ready for spring and summer it isn't funny. All I want to do is shop.

This was us last week:

But now I am ready for skirts and tank tops and shorts. SO ready.

My love for J Crew is no secret, so it won't be a surprise that when I was flipping through the new catalog last night, I had a physical gut reaction upon seeing this photo. This is how I want to dress all the time.


E Inspiration012.jpg

Now you may be thinking to yourself, why would I want to pay $80 for an outfit that I practically have 5 other versions of. Well, I don't want to spend that money on it, but I DO want to dress like that. All the time.  At least I can say is at least I am true to myself.

I never like to ask for things--It makes me feel so greedy when there are so many homeless people out there and people dying all over the world. I don't NEED anything. But I was thinking and there are some purchases that I am going to need to make coming up that are going to cost a chunk of change. I thought I would post my need and wishlist* here for funsies.

New bike
Athletic Swimsuit/ Trisuit (oops, did I forget to mention that I signed up for the Chicago Triathlon, Sprint Distance? I did. EEK!)

Pocampo Tropical Sunset Handlebar Bungee Bag
SodaStream, cause I drink a ton of club soda/ seltzer water
A freestanding heavy bag for boxing in my sunroom
And Gift Certificates to JCrew and Athleta or Dicks Sporting Goods

And you know....other things and stuff. COME ON 75 DEGREE WEATHER!


*It is important to note that I am not ASKING for any of these things. Just keeping them here as inspiration for future purchase.

Quick Update

Hey Everyone!

Here are some quick updates:

The car is fixed and back in business.

My show opened to a huge crowd and it was great. I am so proud of this show and where we are going with it.

My world continues to get smaller and smaller at an alarming rate (in a good way.) My personal life is intersecting with my professional life; my leisure activities intersecting with personal life; everything is colliding; everyone knows everyone. Every new person I meet, I am connected to in some way. It's really really amazing.

I wish I had more time to choreograph. I need more time to choreograph.

I am going away on a retreat this weekend for some R&R. I can't wait.

Happy Birthday Trish!

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Be good to yourself today!

I love you!



Happy Birthday, Fuzzy!

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Happy birthday to the most wonderful, amazing, gorgeous, hilarious, sweet, compassionate, caring, loving, adorable, friendly, funny, creative, sexy, incredible, perfect man ever!!! Words cannot describe my love for my husband.

Fuzzy at Hanauma Bay Happy Birthday, Fuzzy! I look forward to 41 more years of adventure and fun with you. xoxoxoxoox

Where's the Sidewalk?

Where's the sidewalk?

The View from our Front Door

Holy!! I've never seen so much snow in my life!!

The view from our front door


I am so blessed that I have a warm home during this terrible storm. Please pray for the homeless people outside in this tonight.

Snow My God!!!

Hey! In case you haven't heard, Chicago is in the middle of the biggest blizzard in like a bazillion years or something. It's intense! The whole city is shut down, even Lake Shore Drive! It looks and sounds frightening. We even saw the giant awning get ripped off of Ethiopian Diamond today cause of the wind. Thank you for those who have checked in. Team Gerdes is safe and sound with lots of supplies (read: beer) and are going to work from home and not go anywhere til it is safe. I just hope it clears up before Fuzzy's birthday on Thursday and my opening night Friday! For you Chicagoans, please be safe!!!