Fashion Inspiration, or My Superficial Post about Things that I Want


I am so ready for spring and summer it isn't funny. All I want to do is shop.

This was us last week:

But now I am ready for skirts and tank tops and shorts. SO ready.

My love for J Crew is no secret, so it won't be a surprise that when I was flipping through the new catalog last night, I had a physical gut reaction upon seeing this photo. This is how I want to dress all the time.


E Inspiration012.jpg

Now you may be thinking to yourself, why would I want to pay $80 for an outfit that I practically have 5 other versions of. Well, I don't want to spend that money on it, but I DO want to dress like that. All the time.  At least I can say is at least I am true to myself.

I never like to ask for things--It makes me feel so greedy when there are so many homeless people out there and people dying all over the world. I don't NEED anything. But I was thinking and there are some purchases that I am going to need to make coming up that are going to cost a chunk of change. I thought I would post my need and wishlist* here for funsies.

New bike
Athletic Swimsuit/ Trisuit (oops, did I forget to mention that I signed up for the Chicago Triathlon, Sprint Distance? I did. EEK!)

Pocampo Tropical Sunset Handlebar Bungee Bag
SodaStream, cause I drink a ton of club soda/ seltzer water
A freestanding heavy bag for boxing in my sunroom
And Gift Certificates to JCrew and Athleta or Dicks Sporting Goods

And you know....other things and stuff. COME ON 75 DEGREE WEATHER!


*It is important to note that I am not ASKING for any of these things. Just keeping them here as inspiration for future purchase.


I totally feel you -- I can't wait to wear real shoes again that are not my snow boots. And skirts! And dresses! AND TANK TOPS! Sigh.

Re: trisuit, I actually swim in tri shorts and a sports bra for races (I do train in a regular athletic suit). That way you strip off the wetsuit and throw on a shirt and away you go on the bike. Oh, and shoes. You throw on your shoes, too. Good luck to you!

We have snow on the ground and it will be 70 degrees over the weekend. YAY!!! Stay warm!

You DO have this outfit. It is totally you. Especially that skirt :)