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So much to report, so little time and energy.

My trip was amazing. So wonderful and warm and refreshing and I saw beloved friends and ate yummy food and got some hardqore R&R.

I came home Monday night to my darling husband who had loaded the house with Valentines Day happies: flowers, chocolates, presents. My life is the best.

And then that night I got hit with a massive stomach bug and thought I was going to die. I couldn't move, other than to vomit, for several hours (3am-11:15am) and I was miserable the rest of that day and the next one, too.  Again, because I am blessed with the most amazing man ever, Fuzzy worked from home Tuesday so that he could clean my barf bucket and walk me to the bathroom and bring me popsicles. That's love!

Now I am way behind at work, way behind in my show, way behind and overwhelmed with everything. I am still not able to eat regularly.  But I am trucking along and I see a break in the clouds...

Pics and stories to come later!


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Wow. Fuzzy--you rock. Hope you feel better soon...spring is coming I promise! Its been 70 degrees here all week just to rub it in a little. Love ya!