What a little sunlight can do....

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Today is sunny and though not as warm as yesterday, all the snow is gone and it just feels like spring in the air. I am in MUCH better mental spirits today (no tears!) and though my stomach is still a mess (I had to bolt out of my date with "The Ladies" last night for fear that I was going to barf on the table) I am feeling a lot lighter and happier, and that is wonderful. I have a great weekend coming up, and tonight dinner with friends, drinks (club soda for me) with even more friends, and then a group outing to KKC! Hooray! If you see this and want to come, there are still tickets available (we sold out so we moved to a bigger theatre!)--just give them the discount code "Erica" at the box office. Show time is 11pm.

Tomorrow, I can't wait to rest. I am really good at resting.

Also, save the date! April 12th! D.A.N.C.E.P.A.R.T.Y.

(this blog post was brought to you by the parenthesis)


1 Comment

Did you go to Jackson over the weekend? Yummy food and good friends make me think so! I can't wait to hear where you went.
I want to go to Florida to visit Jean soon. I still need to lose some weight before I put on a pair of shorts, though! I haven't yet decided when I will go, or looked at the calendar but I am going sometime!