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Did you hear the one about...


...the car that died? It's a pretty amazing story, actually.

Last night I took my friend Ambre home after rehearsal. I was feeling pretty crappy and I was ready to be home in my jammies with some soup I was going to pick up from my friend Claire's house. I called Fuzzy before I hit the road to see if he wanted me to pick him up from his German shooting club in Lincoln Square--I was downtown West Loop. As I was leaving him a message, I smelled something funny coming from the car and wondered what was up.

I got a little turned around and was on some dark streets I'd never driven on before. Finally I made it to Lake Shore and took the exit up to Montrose.

Turning onto Western from Montrose, I suddenly had a hard time getting into second gear. As I drove the few blocks more to the Dank Haus, I stopped being able to get anything into gear. There was a spot across the street, so I pulled in and turned off the car.

Now, let me just say--Thank the Lord Jesus Christ for having this happen at the exact time that I was meeting up with Fuzzy, and not when I was alone downtown, or on Lake Shore Drive. I am very thankful for this timing.

I tried to start the car several times, but kept just chugging forward and stalling out. Fuzzy got behind the wheel and found a way to drive it, so we set off for home and I called Claire and told her we weren't going to stop by. We get to a red light at Foster and Western, and when it turns green, Fuzzy can't get the car into any gear. We're rolling foward, directly into the intersection and just stop. We turn our flashers on, we are blocking all traffic on Foster, everyone is honking at us. If you don't live in Chicago, you need to know that this is a pretty major intersection for 2 very traveled streets. After about 2 red light cycles, a nice man in an SUV pulled up beside us and told us to put it in neutral and he would pull behind us and push us through. What a Godsend!

We pulled into a bus stop, and pulled out our phones to look up the number for a tow truck. As luck would have it, we were either at a no-signal zone or AT&T lost service in the area, because neither Fuzzy nor I could use the internet, or even call out. We had lots of quarters in the car, so Fuzzy made a series of pay phone calls while I sat in the cold car. It was 25 degrees. When he came back, I ran to the ATM to get the money for the tow truck, and then I took a cab home. Fuzzy was home shortly.

This morning the auto shop told me that the clutch needs to be completely replaced and along with a few other things, it is going to cost us $2200.

Ironically, as I was taking Ambre home, I mentioned how much I loved my car and how I was completely dependent on it. Even more ironically, I mentioned to Fuzzy the other day that "now that the car is almost paid off it will probably die soon."

We are 2 weeks away from having the damn car paid off.

Hilarious, right?


OOOOOOHHH, Y'all! My favorite TV show is back on! RuPaul Drag Race Season 3!

And What!? Sutan, whom Fuzzy and I love from ANTM, is on with with his drag persona Raja, and she is FIERCE. Girl's gonna bring it home.

Promo Shots for Kiss Kiss Cabaret

Check out these amazing photos taken by Greg Inda for Kiss Kiss Cabaret!
I feel like a supermodel!

Promo Shot for Kiss Kiss Cabaret Promo Shot for Kiss Kiss Cabaret Promo Shot for Kiss Kiss Cabaret

And then used with the logo! So cool!

 Promo Shot for Kiss Kiss Cabaret Promo Shot for Kiss Kiss Cabaret Promo Shot for Kiss Kiss Cabaret

The other shoe.

Ah, so of course when I blog about how wonderful everything is around me, we once again get caught up in a spiral of calls about mom, talking to her doctors, dealing with frustrations and "what do we do nows?"  I won't go into many details here, so to protect mom's privacy, but she's not doing well and it just sucks. I hate that she is sick, I hate that she is in pain, I hate that we can't do anything about it, and most of all, I hate that we are STILL having to deal with all this crap. I guess we did have a break in there, and I am thankful for that, but yesterday was just a painful reminder that we are not yet out of the weeds. 

To top it all off, against all my protestations, I am getting a cold and my throat is killing me. Boo.

But! I am trying to stay positive! My shows and life are still great! Gotta just keep trucking along and do the best we can...

Awesomeness Everywhere

What a weekend!
KKC went really well and we really learned a lot from it. I think that the show was good, but from here on out, our show is going to be GREAT. I am working my ass off on this show--rehearsals all the time, choreographing new stuff constantly, and loving every second of it.

I heard that Don and Joe's show was great. I got great feedback about the dance, too, so that makes me feel like a million bucks. The emails I have gotten since Friday night will be enough to keep my confidence going for a long time.

(speaking of confidence--real quick "Woman on the Edge: I am still rocking the red lipstick whenever appropriate, and I freaking love it. Also, I totally learned how to apply eyeliner in that MAC class and I might get hooked on that, too. Now, to get my complexion under control...)

The weekend was amazing. I went out and partied, I stayed in and rested, I saw old friends, I saw new friends, I ate good food, I DJ'ed DDPP, I had a blast from start to finish.

I am LOVING how dancey I've been lately.  LOVING it. I went to a ballet class today that freaking rocked my world. I was so nervous beforehand. So nervous I almost didn't go. But I stayed strong and I went and it felt great and it made me feel great.

It feels so good to feel good.

I am loving my life right now. My husband, my family, my friends, my art. Love it.

Big Night!

It's the Day of the Show, Y'all!


Because I can't be at 2 places at once, Fuzzy is going to see Don and Joe's show while I see Kiss Kiss Cabaret. Isn't he a sweetie? Oh, y'all, let me tell you how amazing my husband is. I went to dance class last night for the first time in months (it was incredible and awesome and I am so glad that I am getting back in the rhythm of going) and when I got home, Fuzzy had this amazing dinner waiting for me: swiss chard with tomatoes, homemade potato chips, and an open face sausage sandwich with goat cheese and sauteed onions and mushrooms on a baguette. And beer. DAMN Y'ALL I HAVE THE BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD!!

I am so blessed.

Here are some more behind the scenes photos for KKC taken by Kriss Abigail Paredes. They are amazing!


Jinx Back.jpg

kick line.jpg

Sexx Laws.jpg

Jinx Nat.jpg

Me Elisa.jpg

Jinx Nat2.jpg




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 From Blewt's trip to LA in June of 2008. Video by Fuzzy.

Unintentional Hipster/Indie Rockness

Some of you might remember this post from almost exactly 2 years ago about, among other things, "How to be Indie Rock." (If you don't, I suggest that you take a moment to read it or at least look at the pictures, since I am referencing it here.) 

Well, last Saturday night found us once again at Schubas, this time for a concert of a band that Fuzzy loved in the 90s. We got their before the doors opened, so that we could get a seat, cause that's how we roll sometimes. We didn't want to be crunched up on the bench this time, so we grabbed some chairs next to a table on the window side of the venue. All was well. However, it is very cold here in Chicago, and like in all old buildings, the windows were pretty drafty. I put my hat back on, this one, that I wear all the time now, like in this photo from me in rehearsal:

E at Rehearsal

I also have a new awesome scarf that Fuzzy gave me for Christmas that is not only beautiful, but warm. I put it back on as well. At the time, I noted to Fuzzy that I was only one step away from being "Indie Rock." I quickly got so cold that I put my huge down coat on again as well, and I kept that on for the majority of the show--Hipsterness Averted!! As the headliner got closer and closer to performing (11pm, sooo late to me), more and more people started crowding in, and I got a little warmer, so off came the coat. Uh Oh....you know where this is going.

Unfortunately, it has been about 3 1/2 years since I had my eyes checked and it is time for a new pair of glasses for me. I can't see lights at night--they are all fuzzy or streaky or rays shooting everywhere and sometimes things get blurry and my eyes start to cross (not to worry--I have an appointment for next Thursday.). With the dim lights in the venue, I stopped being able to focus, and you guessed it, the glasses had to come out. So I am sitting in Schubas, basically, looking like this:
(this is a dramatic recreation of the event, taken in my bathroom at work today.)

 Dramatic reinactment of my unintentional hipsterness

Yeah. The saving grace was that the audience for this show was a little bit older than me Indiana crowd, so I was the only "Indie Rocker" there that we saw. But I knew...

I knew my secret shame.

Shows and Shows

Big week! The 2 shows I am working on are starting this week, plus there is a bonus show! Here are the details!

Kiss Kiss Cabaret!
Y'all all know about this one. I am so excited to see it in its entirety! Previews start this Friday Jan 14th at 11pm.
Get your tickets here.

Don Hall and Joe Janes Are Using This Show to Try to Get Laid
At Chicago Sketchfest, also Friday Jan 14th at 11pm.
I've had the pleasure of working with Don and Joe on a fun and saucy number for their show--they are all at once adorable, sexy and hilarious in it. Sadly, I won't be able to see it, so if you do, let me know how it is!!

Hot and Heavy Burlesque's Tribute to Pink Floyd's The Wall
I worked on a couple of numbers for Paris Green in this show last year, and it is currently remounted and running through Jan 22nd. Here are some photos from last year's show (NSFW).

More KKC Pics!

Hooray! I have an abundance of awesome rehearsal pics!
Once again, pics by Chris O Biddle.

Sexx Laws Rehearsal of the opening number Opening number. This is my "Cold Hearted Snake" moment. Signage Our name up in lights!!

Allow me to present to you: Parker Blanket.

 Parker Blanket

Rebecca Drysdale's It Gets Better Video


Becky was one of my first friends in Chicago. She is also one of the funniest people I have ever met. I remember at her one woman show years ago at Second City, I laughed so hard at a series of blackout sketches that I choked, coughed uncontrollably, and caused a scene. That's how great she is. And now, she's made this amazing video.  It is Not Suitable for Work or children, but fricking amazing.

Bravo Becky!! 

Behind the Scenes: Kiss Kiss Cabaret

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My new burlesque show, Kiss Kiss Cabaret is just about to start! The first preview is January 14th! The opening night is Feb 4th! You can get your tickets here. I am also taking a group on Feb 18th (discount tickets!) so if you want to go with me, let me know!

Here are some fun rehearsal pics from the last few weeks.
(all B&W pics by the talented Greg Inda)


E at Rehearsal Creative Team Nat and Nicole You can Dance YCD YCD2 You can Dance 2 I don't know what this is Group Rehearsal (this pic by Chris Biddle)