Awesomeness Everywhere

What a weekend!
KKC went really well and we really learned a lot from it. I think that the show was good, but from here on out, our show is going to be GREAT. I am working my ass off on this show--rehearsals all the time, choreographing new stuff constantly, and loving every second of it.

I heard that Don and Joe's show was great. I got great feedback about the dance, too, so that makes me feel like a million bucks. The emails I have gotten since Friday night will be enough to keep my confidence going for a long time.

(speaking of confidence--real quick "Woman on the Edge: I am still rocking the red lipstick whenever appropriate, and I freaking love it. Also, I totally learned how to apply eyeliner in that MAC class and I might get hooked on that, too. Now, to get my complexion under control...)

The weekend was amazing. I went out and partied, I stayed in and rested, I saw old friends, I saw new friends, I ate good food, I DJ'ed DDPP, I had a blast from start to finish.

I am LOVING how dancey I've been lately.  LOVING it. I went to a ballet class today that freaking rocked my world. I was so nervous beforehand. So nervous I almost didn't go. But I stayed strong and I went and it felt great and it made me feel great.

It feels so good to feel good.

I am loving my life right now. My husband, my family, my friends, my art. Love it.