The other shoe.

Ah, so of course when I blog about how wonderful everything is around me, we once again get caught up in a spiral of calls about mom, talking to her doctors, dealing with frustrations and "what do we do nows?"  I won't go into many details here, so to protect mom's privacy, but she's not doing well and it just sucks. I hate that she is sick, I hate that she is in pain, I hate that we can't do anything about it, and most of all, I hate that we are STILL having to deal with all this crap. I guess we did have a break in there, and I am thankful for that, but yesterday was just a painful reminder that we are not yet out of the weeds. 

To top it all off, against all my protestations, I am getting a cold and my throat is killing me. Boo.

But! I am trying to stay positive! My shows and life are still great! Gotta just keep trucking along and do the best we can...


Seriously? I blame Kathe for starting all of this.

Hang in love. Ups and downs. This too shall pass. You are a good daughter and you are doing everything you can.

Love the Kiss Kiss pics. Love them.

Hey, Erica - Sorry to hear about your mom. Thinking about you. And I hate your cold and have put out a mafia hit on it. - Joe