Unintentional Hipster/Indie Rockness

Some of you might remember this post from almost exactly 2 years ago about, among other things, "How to be Indie Rock." (If you don't, I suggest that you take a moment to read it or at least look at the pictures, since I am referencing it here.) 

Well, last Saturday night found us once again at Schubas, this time for a concert of a band that Fuzzy loved in the 90s. We got their before the doors opened, so that we could get a seat, cause that's how we roll sometimes. We didn't want to be crunched up on the bench this time, so we grabbed some chairs next to a table on the window side of the venue. All was well. However, it is very cold here in Chicago, and like in all old buildings, the windows were pretty drafty. I put my hat back on, this one, that I wear all the time now, like in this photo from me in rehearsal:

E at Rehearsal

I also have a new awesome scarf that Fuzzy gave me for Christmas that is not only beautiful, but warm. I put it back on as well. At the time, I noted to Fuzzy that I was only one step away from being "Indie Rock." I quickly got so cold that I put my huge down coat on again as well, and I kept that on for the majority of the show--Hipsterness Averted!! As the headliner got closer and closer to performing (11pm, sooo late to me), more and more people started crowding in, and I got a little warmer, so off came the coat. Uh Oh....you know where this is going.

Unfortunately, it has been about 3 1/2 years since I had my eyes checked and it is time for a new pair of glasses for me. I can't see lights at night--they are all fuzzy or streaky or rays shooting everywhere and sometimes things get blurry and my eyes start to cross (not to worry--I have an appointment for next Thursday.). With the dim lights in the venue, I stopped being able to focus, and you guessed it, the glasses had to come out. So I am sitting in Schubas, basically, looking like this:
(this is a dramatic recreation of the event, taken in my bathroom at work today.)

 Dramatic reinactment of my unintentional hipsterness

Yeah. The saving grace was that the audience for this show was a little bit older than me Indiana crowd, so I was the only "Indie Rocker" there that we saw. But I knew...

I knew my secret shame.