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Hair Show!


Y'all know me. I like to have super short and super edgy hair, that I grow bored quickly with any one hairstyle, my hair grows fast, and I like for my hair to look severe or even sometimes fake (or not found in nature). So yesterday, when I went in for the chop, I said I wanted "short and edgy" and "something that won't look weird when I take off my hat."  We went for a take on the style I've had the last few months, but a little more extreme--super short sides, messy top. I love it!

Hair 3.JPG



Also, this is random, but I think I am slowly becoming a club kid as I age....I am finding myself really loving Skrillex these days, and I can't get enough of this new Rihanna song. And now with this hair....I told Fuzzy to look out, or one day I will come home in giant pants and huge fur platform boots. Not to worry, though--I only am listening at home and at work. I am asleep by 10:30 or 11 most nights, so there's no clubbin for this one...

More PoCampo Modeling!

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Rebecca and I went to the bike shop in Evanston today, and on my way out, I noticed a stack of PoCampo brochures in the window. We picked one up!


And flipped through it!


What a nice surprise!
My name and everything!

And the photo is one that Fuzzy took!

Oh man. What a great find in the middle of the day. I feel like a rockstar.

Thanks, Emily and Maria!

Erica Reid

Meaningful moment with a dinosaur