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Before and After

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Before After

Farewell to Playboy

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For the last 12 years, Fuzzy has worked for Playboy Enterprises. July 6th, 2012 was his last day there. He wrote a great post over on his blog about his days there.

Congrats, Fuzzy! I am so proud of you! On to new adventures!!!

A New Nerdes!

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Welcome the new member of the Gerdes family, Miles Nerdes! We named him Miles, cause he's "kind of blue."

We love you already, Miles!

Fuzzy: TB Babushka and I are headed home on the train.

Me: What?

Fuzzy: You know. TB Babushka. The elderly Eastern European woman who coughs candy onto good children.

Happiness Is...

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Best friends

Up up and away...

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Up up and away...


Also, a rare moment of silent contemplation:



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Inspired by Rebecca's post about her and Tim's dating anniversary (same date as ours, just 2 years later!), here is the first photo of Fuzzy and I together as a couple:

The first US photo And the most recent one: Erica and Fuzzy at Watershed
I still smoosh my face up to Fuzzy like that.

Cuddle Latte


This summer marks our tiny kitty Latte's 18th birthday. She's about to graduate from High School! When I first met Latte, she was really skittish and wouldn't let anyone pick her up. However, I am sort of a kitty whisperer, and now, Latte is chummy and not only able to be picked up and held, but also held in a presentational way and "flown" around the house.

The one thing she doesn't do, however, is sit on our laps or snuggle with us. It can get quite frustrating, because she's so precious.

However, we've made some progress. The other day, we were having a family couch session--Parker was on me, Latte was next to Fuzzy--and after a while, Fuzzy looked over and excitedly noted that both Latte's butt and head were touching his leg. I handed him my phone and said "Take a picture!" and here it is--proof that Latte IS capable of cuddling. Adorable!

Snuggle Latte

Remember this site?

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New F Cancer Bracelets for Sale!

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Fuck Cancer Bracelets - Mk4, Misc Colors We have a lot of new colors and sizes of Fuck Cancer bracelets for sale on our page here. Check em out!

Erica Reid

Meaningful moment with a dinosaur