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Earth Day Birth Day

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Happy amazing birthday to my best friend Rebecca!!! YAYAYAY! I am so happy you were born and that you are here. I can't wait to Rage with you this summer!!!

Traditions: KOKO Christmas

In July of 2002, the world's best improv team, KOKO, was formed. The following December, we held the first annual KOKO Christmas gift exhange. The group went through many changes over the years, such as 3 people leaving the team, but the 5 of us that remained went on to be stronger and better than ever. The core group of KOKO is an amazing group--my best friends and the most talented people I know. Though it is rare that we perform (we didn't perform together for about 5 years, but had a brief reunion show in the middle of a snowstorm earlier in 2013), the tradition of KOKO Christmas is an important one. We've never missed a year. It's also the one time in the year we get to see Jane Menendez, RN, so it's a tradition we have to continue til the end of time.

This year's KOKO Christmas was amazing, and the gifts exchanged were thoughtful, sweet, and special--just like the KOKOs.

I love you guys!
(Front row: Megan Hovde, Andrea Strening Back row: Jane Menendez, RN, yours truly, Rebecca Hanson)

And for funsies, here's 2 throwback photos from our famous pool shoot from February 2005 (photos by Fuzzy!)

My Rebeccas

I got some R&R time last weekend--literally--with Rebecca and Rebecca! Look at these beautiful ladies!


Feeling the Love

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It's been an awesome week of confidence building around the Reid Gerdes household lately. Here's a brief wrap up of why:

Today I am the featured Interviewee on the awesome blog of my awesome friend Claire Zulkey! Check it out, won't you? I love it! Thanks, Claire!

Also this week, Claire interviewed Fuzzy about his experience in the Iron Man!

Also also on, last month she interviewed Steve Gadlin, who gave me a very lovely shout-out. Thank you, Steve!

Over on Margaret's blog, she talks about Sweetie Maude, and also says some very kind words about yours truly. Thank you, Margaret! You are amazing, too!

Gee whiz, guys! Thank you so much!

Gloria Slimem & The Electric Slime

This Friday, Gloria Slimem (2012 SLUG Queen runner-up, and public persona of the darling Shannon Rose) will be once again competing for the title of SLUG Queen in Eugene, Oregon. This is her year. She is going to knock out the competition and slop them up with her slime trail.

I am proud to have choreographed her new signature dance, the Electric Slime. See a video of Gloria teaching it here! She even references the dance in this interview:

During the competition, Rose will debut "The Electric Slime," a choreographed dance number that, with any luck, will have her supporters and the rest of the crowd grooving to the beat, as well.

"I kind of want it to be a flash mob," Rose said, laughing. "That's my vision, anyway - we'll see what actually happens."

I will be cheering her on from Chicago!


(photo by Dan Pennington and Micha Elizabeth)


Fun With Photoshop 3

Eiberger's Response.

I love a good photoshop throwdown


I am enjoying this so much.

(I learned that the pic is supposed to be upside-down.)


Fun with Photoshop 2

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So today I get an email from my friend Noah Ginex that said:

Eiberger's looked ok...I guess

but it needed more early 90s hip-hop flair. 

And included this photo:


YES!! Let the games begin!!!

Fun with Photoshop

Y'all know I love me some photoshop bits, right? I love them. In fact, it was one way that Fuzzy won me over when we were in our courtship phase. Photoshop bits never cease to entertain me.

So you will understand why this email from my friend John Eiberger last week was one of my favorites of all time:

Saw your tattoo blog post.

Congrats on fixing those terrible tattoos.
that new guy is amazing at cover up.
You can't barely see the old ones.

Fuzzy Fake Tattoo.jpg
Erica Fake Tattoo.jpg
I laughed for hours.
Well played, John. Well played.

My Weekend at C2E2: Day 2

On to Day 2!

C2E2 Day 2

My own cat!

C2E2 Day 2

Steve drew Superhero cats, a Harry Potter cat and a zombie cat!

C2E2 Day 2

Friends! (it's worth noting that I also saw several other friends than just the ones I am posting pics of. I sadly didn't get photos of everyone.)

C2E2 Day 2

We had some nice crowds!

C2E2 Day 2

Giant fish walking around, no big deal.

C2E2 Day 2


C2E2 Day 2

Friends! With bonus friends in the background!

The best part about Saturday's C2E2 was that Fuzzy surprised me! 

C2E2 Day 2

He found Waldo!

C2E2 Day 2


C2E2 Day 2

This was amazing and made me really wish my brother was there.

C2E2 Day 2


Sadly, on day 2, I also had an injury. The convention was all concrete floors, and half was covereing in rugs, and the other half was not. I slipped on a postcard on the non-rugged side and landed on my knees and my left wrist. It was SO painful. I had to get some ice from the medic:

C2E2 Day 2

I'm pretty sure I sprained it. It is better now, but it still hurts a bit. You know me, I love to fall! (I hate falling, but I just happen to do it ALL THE TIME. sigh.)


C2E2 Day 1

End of Day 2.

Happy Happy Happy Happy

Last week, my best friend Rebecca posted that amazing birthday tribute to our friendship and it moved me to tears.

Today is HER birthday, and I know that there is no way that I can write anything as beautiful and wonderful and special as she said, so I can only say that I feel all of that back to her plus more. I was going to just post something dumb like a photo of her butt here or something (not that her butt is dumb--I assure you it is not, but posting a photo of it--and I do have one--would be), but then I found all these wonderful photos of her and us and thought about all the amazing times we've had together and all the laughter and all the life experiences we've shared and all the times she's helped me get out of an emotional ditch, and I got overwhelmed with love. Man, I don't know where I would be without her.

KOKO Pool Photoshoot

REBECCA! You are gorgeous and hilarious and wonderful and loving and nurturing and hysterical and sweet and fun and I love every second that I am with you. Happy Happy Birthday! I am so happy you were born and that you moved to Chicago and that you are who you are!




Erica Reid

Erica Reid headshot by Elizabeth McQuern


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