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What a Couple!!

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Couple of dorks...

Erica and Fuzzy
Photo by Greg Inda


Hey, remember my awesomely hilarious blog series "If I Had Twitter"?

Well, I gave in, and now actually have Twitter. If you would like to follow me, I am @drunkmonkeyshow


Fun Surprise Press

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This week on the Time Out Chicago website, the Kiss Kiss Cabaret was featured for their awesome new Halloween number, Grim Grinning Ghosts.  Many people were interviewed, including Jessica Reschke (KKC's amazing choreographer) some of the dancers, etc. The best, however, is the quote from one of my favorite people in the universe, Naughty Natanya, who chose to talk about Red Right Hand:

Kiss Kiss Coquette Naughty Natanya

Learning a burlesque routine is about more than drilling the steps; it's about finding a character to inhabit. Three years ago, when the "Peek-A-Boo!" show debuted, choreographer Erica Reid created an eerie, seductive number to close the show, set to Nick Cave's "Red Right Hand." The number takes place mostly in the dark, under the dim glow blacklight. The dancers' bodies get revealed as they slowly coat themselves in red paint. It's full of languid, sensual movements, punctuated with unnerving twitches and jerks. But there's something unnatural lurking underneath the alluring exterior. As a burlesque dancer, it's great to play with the extremes.

So cool! Thank you, Natanya!

Friday Updates

It's exciting times around here. Big announcements to come, big changes ahead for me, and ways to focus on my creativity and performance career. It feels good!

Boobs of the Dead was extended! We have 3 shows added--November 2, 9, and 16th! Woo! And there are 3 shows left in the regular run. What a ride!

Today is the last episode of the current season of Drunk Monkeys! Episode 42!!!!

And a million other things.

OH! I don't think I ever blogged this here! Fuzzy started a new blog, celebrating people with Chicago Flag Tattoos! It is so cool. Check it out here!

Aaaaand, our car is crap again. Gonna cost another small fortune to fix it. Again. So it looks like it is finally time for us to bite the bullet and get a new one. Booooo.

Ok, gotta run! Busy busy!

Podcasts and Get Your Rear in Gear

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Earlier this summer, Team Gerdes/ FuzzyCo started a new podcast, about Chicago area races. It's been fun to analyze the different events, and hopefully help others as they decide what races to do. Here is a link to our episodes! You can also download them to your music player of choice, to make your commutes and runs more entertaining.


This past Sunday, we participated in the Colon Cancer Coalition's Get Your Rear in Gear, for obvious reasons. I got a team together, and we had a great time. Of course, it was emotional, especially when I saw the sign they had made for our team.

David Reid Memorial Classic Rock Appreciation Club

I wore dad's hat and one of his old work shirts.

Get your rear in gear

Some of the team! Stephanie, Noah, Me, Ryan, Sylvia, GeorgeGabe, and Denise! Not pictured: Jessy, Fuzzy, Shaun and Kristen.

I love you all!

The Best Day

Today was the best day. Please allow me to tell you about it.

1) It started with posting Episode 41(!!) of Drunk Monkeys, which is still going strong, and never ceases to bring me joy.

2)  I was sent another great review for Boobs of the Dead, and an email saying that both shows this weekend were sold out, and many others in the run are getting close. Yeah!

3) I went to rehearsal for a show I am producing/choreographing called Sparkle Hour (more info to come soon), and it was hilarious and wonderful and the dance we did is awesome. Plus, I got to spend time with Jen (see Drunk Monkeys, above), who is one of my favorite people in the world.

4) Witnessed an attempted bike theft on the bus I was riding. Ok, that part wasn't good, but it was eventful.

5) I received a request for my address, so that an awesome distillery could send Jen and I some fun vodkas to try on the show.  WE'RE ON THE MAP!!

6) I made a potato/ corn chowder that is pretty kickass in my dutch oven that I am obsessed with.

7) I get a message that a photo of me that the amazing and wonderful Elizabeth McQuern took of me for Angie's List is live and online!! That's me! (photo below.)

Angie's jpg

8) My amazing and wonderful and handsome husband just got home, and I get to spend a night at home with him. That is Heaven to me.


And yet more press for Boobs of the Dead


My brother is a super sleuth at finding these mentions... I really do feel like a million bucks right now!

From The Gaming Gang:

As things get worse and worse (or better and better, depending upon your viewpoint), the show builds to a hot dancing zombie climax as the heroes finally reach the CDC....I was particularly impressed by the choreography of Erica Reid. It wasn't a huge stage but they utilized it very well and the dancing was entertaining and flawless. You can tell that the ladies put a lot of work into their performances.

Red Right Hand at Kiss Kiss Cabaret

Three years ago, I choreographed a number for a short-run Halloween Burlesque show called Peek-a-boo, a Ooky Spooky Halloween Revue. The number was a black-light number conceptualized by Chris O. Biddle, and it was not only a blast to work on, but it was a huge hit. The concept is that the dancers coat themselves in black-light paint throughout the number, therefore you see their bodies more and more as they paint themselves and each other. It is set to Nick Cave's iconic Red Right Hand.

That show was the precursor for the Kiss Kiss Cabaret, of which I was the Dance Director of from Sept 2010 to November 2011. We resurrected Red Right Hand last year, and it has already run twice this year! It's currently running in the Kiss Kiss Halloween Peek-a-boo Revue now through October 26th at 11pm at the Greenhouse Theatre.  I am so happy that it has an ongoing performance life and is such a crowd pleaser. I hear that the dancers love doing it, too, so I am happy to have done a good job in that regard.

It's also really exciting to have more than one venue/ show performing my choreography at the same time!

Here are some recent photos from the number! Some pics are NSFW, you can't really see anything scandalous. (darn!) Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Robert Potter of REP3 Photos






It's been an amazing week. The show opened to sold our houses, and is continuing to sell amazingly. Not only that, we are getting great reviews! I am so proud of myself and of the whole team and cast. This was was a blast to work on, and it was so exciting to watch the audience respond so well to it on opening night. I love the cast and crew, and everyone is really doing an amazing job.

I am going to list links and key parts of some reviews that are floating around out there, focusing on the choreography. For the full review, click the link!

Chicago Reader (I posted this yesterday, but am so happy, that I will again):
Gorilla Tango burlesques are always smart and playful, but this edition shows a developing sophistication. The dancers are more confident, Erica Reid's choreography is more resourceful (starting with an awfully sexy reverse strip and culminating in a full-out production number), and, um, standout performances are getting more common.
Rock 'n Roll Ghost:
To defeat the burlesque zombies, the survivors decide to disguise themselves as the undead.  This infiltration leads to a dance number I should have not been surprised by, but was, and delightfully so (I won't ruin it for you).
The Examiner:
Eventually just about everyone gets infected and the show turns into a huge ensemble dance routine. First, they stripped to AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" and then an absolutely awesome Michael Jackson, "Thriller" bit complete with the iconic zombie dance from the original music video.
Chicago Now:
Choreography was amazing, and as Count and I were actually seated next to the choreographer, we knew who to thank ;). Anyway, the girls never missed a beat and the dance number at the end was a complete surprise.
Zombie Blog:
Well-choreographed and cleverly plotted, the story will be familiar to fans of the graphic novel and AMC series, but just as enjoyable to somebody coming to it cold....I was genuinely impressed with how the writers of the show found ways to take memorable scenes from the show and transform them into burlesque dances.  Who would imagine Rick's awakening in his hospital bed, removing his IV tubes, and putting on his sheriff's uniform as an occasion for a sexy striptease?  Well, the creators of this show did, and thank goodness they did, because it's sexy and fun and works really well.
Chicago Burlesque:
I won't tell you what happened to the poor Horse, but let me tell you, it was quite sexy!...Unfortunately, [the CDC official's] not as safe as he thought, and someone's hand gets eaten throughout the course of a very nicely choreographed invasion dance number!...The finale group number is an absolutely perfect culmination of everything Zombie, Sparkles and Horror. Let's just say, a very famous glove is involved.

Also, Paper Dragon Ink. We're also in print in the Red Eye today (below)! Plus, the Time Out Blurb last week. SO EXCITING!!! Get your tickets while you can--they won't last long!!


Reader Recommended!

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I will be doing a "review round-up" soon, but I had to go ahead and post this one!

Boobs of the Dead is Reader Recommended!  Not only that, but I got a GREAT mention! I feel like a million bucks! (bold and italics by me)


[Recommended] Boobs of the Dead: A Walking Dead Burlesque When I told my wife (and yes, I told my wife) that I was going to see a zombie-themed strip show called Boobs of the Dead, she made a face and laid out a picture for me of gray, rotting dugs without so much as a hint of perk. Well, that's not how it turned out. This parody of the Walking Dead franchise features eight remarkably healthy-looking infectees. In fact, as a lab-coated scientist points out, the zombifying process actually makes them sexier, magically clothing them in bustiers and fishnet stockings. Even a bearded old codger gets transformed. Gorilla Tango burlesques are always smart and playful, but this edition shows a developing sophistication. The dancers are more confident, Erica Reid's choreography is more resourceful (starting with an awfully sexy reverse strip and culminating in a full-out production number), and, um, standout performances are getting more common. Paly Flames, in particular, does some honest-to-god show-stealing here. --Tony Adler Through 10/27: Fri 9 PM, Sat midnight, also Wed 10/31, 9 PM, Gorilla Tango Theatre, 1919 N. Milwaukee, 773-598-4549, gorillatango.com, $20.





The show opens tonight! We are sold out! I am so excited!!

Sold out.jpg

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

No Caption Needed

Look Out!

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I think this might be my favorite blog post ever, from Rebecca's blog A Girl and Her Hund. Oh man, I giggled so hard I cried. Enjoy!

More Press for Boobs of the Dead!

This time in Time Out Chicago!

And look, I am quoted, yet again!

Boobs of the Dead: A Walking Dead Burlesque
If you've been following Gorilla Tango Burlesque's latest G-string of action, fantasy and horror parodies (A Nude Hope: A Star Wars Burlesque, Holy Bouncing Boobies!: A Batman Burlesque), you knew it was only a matter of time before it dressed up AMC's herd of zombies in pasties and sent them satirically in search of naked flesh to chew on. Says show choreographer Erica Reid, "Zombies typically are pretty gross and scary, but in our show, the more infected they become, the sexier they get. Our zombies hypnotize their prey with twirling tassel pasties, and we use boas instead of chains to keep them in captivity." Opens Fri 5 at Gorilla Tango Theatre, gorillatango.com.


Full article here! So exciting!

Comedy Couple!

Fuzzy and I are featured on the blog "Marriage is a Joke" today! We're funny and married! Yay!

Click on over and check it out!!

First Press for Boobs of the Dead!

Top pick on Thrillist!



Shaun, Fuzzy, Erica, and Kristen

At the Crypt Run 5K at Rosehill Cemetery.

It's Coming...