Red Right Hand at Kiss Kiss Cabaret

Three years ago, I choreographed a number for a short-run Halloween Burlesque show called Peek-a-boo, a Ooky Spooky Halloween Revue. The number was a black-light number conceptualized by Chris O. Biddle, and it was not only a blast to work on, but it was a huge hit. The concept is that the dancers coat themselves in black-light paint throughout the number, therefore you see their bodies more and more as they paint themselves and each other. It is set to Nick Cave's iconic Red Right Hand.

That show was the precursor for the Kiss Kiss Cabaret, of which I was the Dance Director of from Sept 2010 to November 2011. We resurrected Red Right Hand last year, and it has already run twice this year! It's currently running in the Kiss Kiss Halloween Peek-a-boo Revue now through October 26th at 11pm at the Greenhouse Theatre.  I am so happy that it has an ongoing performance life and is such a crowd pleaser. I hear that the dancers love doing it, too, so I am happy to have done a good job in that regard.

It's also really exciting to have more than one venue/ show performing my choreography at the same time!

Here are some recent photos from the number! Some pics are NSFW, you can't really see anything scandalous. (darn!) Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Robert Potter of REP3 Photos







My boobs are in a blog! They're famous! Okay, maybe not. But we really do enjoy dancing the number every week! I can safely confirm it was a huge hit this past Friday, plus it was extra painty! It was a lot of fun working with you and I hope we can again someday :)

Hooray! Your boobs ARE famous!!!

I hope that I can work with you again soon, too! You are awesome!