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This week on the Time Out Chicago website, the Kiss Kiss Cabaret was featured for their awesome new Halloween number, Grim Grinning Ghosts.  Many people were interviewed, including Jessica Reschke (KKC's amazing choreographer) some of the dancers, etc. The best, however, is the quote from one of my favorite people in the universe, Naughty Natanya, who chose to talk about Red Right Hand:

Kiss Kiss Coquette Naughty Natanya

Learning a burlesque routine is about more than drilling the steps; it's about finding a character to inhabit. Three years ago, when the "Peek-A-Boo!" show debuted, choreographer Erica Reid created an eerie, seductive number to close the show, set to Nick Cave's "Red Right Hand." The number takes place mostly in the dark, under the dim glow blacklight. The dancers' bodies get revealed as they slowly coat themselves in red paint. It's full of languid, sensual movements, punctuated with unnerving twitches and jerks. But there's something unnatural lurking underneath the alluring exterior. As a burlesque dancer, it's great to play with the extremes.

So cool! Thank you, Natanya!

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