The Best Day

Today was the best day. Please allow me to tell you about it.

1) It started with posting Episode 41(!!) of Drunk Monkeys, which is still going strong, and never ceases to bring me joy.

2)  I was sent another great review for Boobs of the Dead, and an email saying that both shows this weekend were sold out, and many others in the run are getting close. Yeah!

3) I went to rehearsal for a show I am producing/choreographing called Sparkle Hour (more info to come soon), and it was hilarious and wonderful and the dance we did is awesome. Plus, I got to spend time with Jen (see Drunk Monkeys, above), who is one of my favorite people in the world.

4) Witnessed an attempted bike theft on the bus I was riding. Ok, that part wasn't good, but it was eventful.

5) I received a request for my address, so that an awesome distillery could send Jen and I some fun vodkas to try on the show.  WE'RE ON THE MAP!!

6) I made a potato/ corn chowder that is pretty kickass in my dutch oven that I am obsessed with.

7) I get a message that a photo of me that the amazing and wonderful Elizabeth McQuern took of me for Angie's List is live and online!! That's me! (photo below.)

Angie's jpg

8) My amazing and wonderful and handsome husband just got home, and I get to spend a night at home with him. That is Heaven to me.



I dearly love Drunk Monkeys!! And I love the spa picture. Kudos to you!!!

Okay, I saw on Fuzzy's blog about the DR memorial five k. Wonderful!!!