I've been watching a LOT of the Olympics this week, and one thing they've been showing a lot of, both in the coverage and in the commercials, is the parents. I can imagine competing in the Olympics is an amazing feeling, much less winning a medal. What I can't imagine, however, is how it must feel for these parents. To see your child achieve such greatness.  To see them be national heroes.  And I know that a lot of athletes and Olympians come from hard times and have overcome bad family situations and upbringings, but many others have been encouraged their whole lives by their parents, who have made sacrifices and spent countless funds (and many sleepless nights) to see them get the training and support that they need.

I was fortunate that I was raised in one of these supportive households. Sure, I wasn't sent across the country for training, and we didn't move to where there were more opportunities. But my mom and dad encouraged my brother and I to follow our dreams and be the people we wanted to be. They carted me to and from dance class and choir rehearsals and play practice, and paid for God knows how many costumes over the years. They tried to not deny us anything, but were forceful when they needed to be (in 6th grade, when people joined band, and I wanted to play the clarinet, they told me "Band or dancing." My choice was a no-brainer.) Now, I haven't won any medals, but I've achieved many a great thing, and I am happy in my life and where I am in it. That is worth its weight in gold. Their support and our upbringing is what gave me the confidence to move to Chicago at 21 to be a comedian, and what gave my brother the courage to uproot his life and move to Africa.

Fuzzy and I have chosen to not have children, so we aren't able to give back this support into the world. I am seeing it, however, in the lives of our friends and families who are having children. So to all the parents out there, keep being great. Support and encourage your children (but don't forget about you!). You are doing an amazing job, and I can't wait to see what your kids accomplish in the future.

And to my dear little Mom in Mississippi and sweet little Daddy in Heaven, Thank You.


I am tearing up!!! We are so proud of you and your brother. We always said y'all were the best things we ever did, raising such wonderful adults. Thank you for your kudos, baby!! xoxo

Thanks, Mama. That means so much to me.