Find Your Greatness

This weekend, I was looking at a training guide for International distance triathlons. It said that yesterday I needed to do a 65-75 minute run, and that was a "light" workout. I got scared. The next triathlon is August 26th, and I not only did I start thinking that I couldn't run that, I was thinking I might not be able to do the triathlon, or at least not be able to run much of it.

 On Saturday, Andrea, Shaun, Fuzzy and I went for a mile lake swim (that was awesome!) and a short bike ride. I ran out of energy on the bike ride, partially cause I didn't sleep the night before, and partially, cause biking just wears me out. Yesterday, I set the alarm to go for a run, but was so worn out, I slept instead.

This morning, I got up and started working on things, and when it was about 9:30am, and I was chatting with Shannon online, I said "I think I just talked myself out of a run." Her response? "I think it might be good to go for at least a short run today." Shannon was my first running "coach," my encouragement and cheerleader, and she has been an inspiration to me for years. And I knew she was right. I got suited up  (her response? "You'll be really glad you did it!") and set out for the lake path. When I crossed Sheridan on Ardmore, I started running. I had my headphones, so it was nice to distract myself with music. I passed Foster, easy peasy. I passed Lawrence, ok that's our short morning run turnaround. I got to Wilson and I kept running. I got to Montrose, and I kept running. I thought about running to Irving Park, but started to get some knee twinges. I turned around somewhere by the golf course, at that curve on the hill (you chicago lakefront runners and bikers know what I am talking about). Looking at my watch, I was at 31 minutes. On the return trip home, I had a few small pockets where I had to walk to stop for water, but no more than about 5 minutes total. I ran all the way back. The time on my watch when I finished was 1:03:44! I did a google mapping of it, and it looks like it was about a 5 mile run. That's the most I've ever RUN without walking in between! As I was running back, I kept thinking "Today I am not afraid. This is MY life and I can do what I want with it. No more fear." I feel amazing and I am SO proud of myself. Thank you for the encouragement, Shannon! I AM glad I did it!

Sunday we are signed up for the Chicago 10K. We have a late night out the night before, but now that I know I can run 5, I am not afraid of 6. BRING IT.


1. I always try to remember that the days you don't want to, are the days that will bring the most strength, that's a hard lesson.

2. I love that commercial. I might be crying, not sure.

3. Your post about the Olympics parents is right on. It's the one thing that's been getting me these days in re: to my mom. Those commercials KILL ME in the best possible way.

4. you are awesome.

Hixx, YOU are awesome.