More on Being a Hipster

You might remember this post from 2009, or this post from 2011in which I discuss the very simple way to become a hipster with a few simple accessories.  Well, last night, on the way back from St. Louis, we stopped at a Wendy's for a quick dinner (sidenote: I am not proud of the fact we ate fast food.) It was the COLDEST Wendy's I'd ever been in, colder inside than out. I had to go to the car to get my coat to wear inside it was so cold.

When we went back to the car, I put on my hat and my scarf to continue the drive. It was nighttime, so I was wearing my glasses.  Then the following exchange happened:

Me: Aw, dammit! Look at what I am wearing! I'm totally a hipster right now!
Fuzzy: Well, that and the fact you are driving back from a Radiohead concert.

Touche, Mr. Gerdes, Touche.


GURL. no apologies for road trip fast food!

Ugh, it was so gross, though! Only the fries were good, and we didn't even order them. They gave them to us for free cause Fz thinks that they couldn't comprehend anyone really ordering a salad as their side.