A Mid-Week's Day Off

Today is Rash Hashanah, so Shana Tova to all my Jewish friends out there!
It also means that this Jewish Org Administrator has the day off. Now, true, I've recently had a LOT of days off, but those were sick days, so they don't count. I am feeling better and I am home and puttering, and that's a good day off to me.

I took Latte to the vet this morning to get her claw removed from her foot pad. She did so good, hardly mewing at all, and laying down in the cat carrier. When the doctor came to look at her foot, she was such a sweetie (both the doctor and Latte) and when the doc brought her back out, she had a giant pink bandage on her foot! It was so cute. I wanted to get a photo, but the second we got home, she took off running and kicking her foot like a jackrabbit, so the bandage flew off. I tried to wrap it again--I have a lot of gauze and tape right now--but it only lasted 5 minutes before it flew off. Oh well, I bet I have little blood droplets all over my house. We need to mop the floors anyway. I'll just have to make sure it stays clean and we have to give her an antibiotic twice a day so it doesn't get infected. Um, no, lets please not let it get infected. Been there, done that.

Here is a list of the things that I am supposed to do daily, as instructed by my doctors:
*Warm foot soak in Epsom salt twice a day
*Ice my knee at least once a day, preferably twice
*All my physical therapy exercises

Sheesh. Good thing I am off so that I can do them. I did the exercises and it was hard, but felt good. Death to that foam roller on my left IT bands, though--that hurts like hell! I know it is good for me, but I am NOT looking forward to doing that ever again. Depending on when I do my exercises today, I want to make at least 10 minutes of boxing a daily thing, too. I boxed post PT today and it felt great.

I also want to start meditating. I think that would be good for me. But I don't know how to start, and every time I think that I want to look it up, I'm not at a computer. I should google some programs or advice right now while I am typing...ok, done. I will look into that soon. Even 10 minutes a day would be beneficial, I think.

I took a nap today. It was great. I felt extravagant for doing so, but since I've been awake, I've been more productive and happy. So it worked!

I had this brilliant idea today when I was making my coffee. I love iced lattes and americanos, but never can seem to make them just right. So today, I did the trick I see them doing at Metropolis--I poured the hot espresso into cold milk in a separate glass from the ice, then let it sit for a second. When I poured that over the ice, it was cooler, so the ice all didn't melt, so my drink wasn't watered down. BRILLIANT! Then I added more ice, and some of Fuzzy's amazing homemade ginger simple syrup and YUMMERS! Then I had another brilliant idea, which was to make another pot of espresso and pour it into a jar that I can store in the fridge so that tomorrow I have cold espresso waiting for me for an on-the-go iced latte. The only possible flaw is that they jar used to have this amazing apple butter BBQ sauce in it that we got from a farmers market in South Carolina, so the jar smelled kinda spicy. Oh well.

Here are some things I am loving this week:
* My boxing bag. I am so glad I have it.
* My soda stream--by far the most used appliance in our kitchen, along with the burr grinder and the hot water pot.
* The spinach salad with red onions, brie, cranberries and balsalmic vinaigrette from Apart Pizza. This is my favorite salad. I ordered 2 last night--one for me and one for Fuzzy and/or Steven (who Fuzzy was helping move). I ate mine, but they left the other, so I just got to enjoy it again for today's lunch. Life is good.
* The Modal Lounge pants from the Gap.

Ok, this last one gets it own paragraph. Months ago, Rebecca and I were at the Gap at Old Orchard and we saw these pants. I am a HUGE fan of the whole Gap Body line--the workout clothes, the lounge clothes, the swimwear and the underwear--so I tend to clean up on some sale items there. Anyways, we saw these pants that were the softest thing we'd collectively ever felt, but they were a bit expensive. We vowed to go back to see if they were on sale later. I kept checking, but they never were. Cut to a few weeks ago, I had a gift card for the Gap--hooray! I thought about getting The Pants, but decided to go for quantity and get more items that were on sale. However, one of them was this sleep jumpsuit that was onsale for $20. I knew I was taking a risk, but I thought it was worth it, since it was made out of the same fabric. It was love at first jumpsuit, and I wore it non-stop at home for 3 or 4 days. THEN the foot infection happened. And each day that I was at the hospital, all I could think about was how I wanted to go home and slip into those pants. I dreamed about them. I longed for them.  I ached for them. Rebecca offered to take me to the Gap after the Tuesday ER visit, but I was so doped and unable to walk that I was smart and declined. So then this past Tuesday came. I was downtown for therapy, and I almost talked myself out of going to get them. However, I didn't, thank goodness, and not only did I treat myself to the pants--cause dammit, I EARNED them--but I got a shirt in the same fabric for only $14. Success! And let me tell you, these pants just might be the best purchase I have ever made. They are amazing. I am wearing them right now. They are like the pant version of heaven. I should get another pair so that I can always wear them, even if one is in the wash. I want to drape myself in Modal.

I am loving today.


Wow, that's a lot of information, good things to hear!!! Is it that jumpsuit that it goes to, sleeveless tank top and all? Looks wonderful! And I am glad that little Latte is doing okay.
It is good to see everyone healing up there!!!!

I'm dying for that spinach salad and to giggle with you on the couch in your heavenly Gap pants. Miss you!!!!