Physical Therapy

I had my first physical therapy today! It was great. And hard. I'm worn out.

It started with an evaluation. My therapist is super awesome and I already love her, and she was being observed by 3 Northwestern students. So in the evaulation, we all got to learn a lot about my body. About my sweat, my infection, my hyperextending knees, and the fact that one leg is longer than the other, my femurs rotate inward, while the lower half of my legs rotate out, my pelvis is uneven (all 4 ladies got to feel the power of the ENRG pelvic which I mean all 4 of them mashed on my pelvic bones), my left IT bands are super tight, and my left thigh muscles have atrophied a good deal in the 2 months since my accident. She then taught me some exercises that I am supposed to do daily, and she taped my knee with kinesio tape which feels wonderful. I am supposed to go twice a week. It was hard for me to tell what was hard because of my knee injury and what was hard because I haven't been active in forever. I have no stamina or strength right now.

I've been toying around with some new career changes that I am not going to talk about just yet, but they are physical and active, so I am excited to get my body back in shape so that I can honestly pursue them. I see a new life of health and fitness in my future! It's exciting. Baby steps, though...