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Helllllooooo everyone!

Nothing new to report really. Things are chugging along just fine and I can't believe we are well into October already. I suspect that the rest of the year is just going to fly by.

Kiss Kiss Cabaret starts its Halloween run this Friday at 11:30! Including the super awesome blacklight paint number you don't want to miss. More info on the shows here.

We had a nice visit from Fuzzy's brother Disco this past weekend. It was great hanging out with him!

We FINALLY finished the Seinfeld Project last night. We watched all 9 seasons! What a fun project. Now, on to Party Down, Modern Family, Golden Girls, etc etc. 

We've been fighting a nasty fall cold in the Gerdes house. Fuzzy's had fever and everything, and he lost his voice and is a cough machine. I'm trying to fight it, but have a sniffly/ stuffed up nose and a bit of a sore throat. Stay away germs!

Latte is healing very nicely, post claw removal. She's so sweet.

If you are looking for a sweet lady cat as a companion, I know of an awesome one who is looking for a good home (no, not Parker or Latte--those are mine). Just leave me a comment or send me an email!

If you are a woman in the Chicagoland area, and are available the morning of Oct 15th, I need you for a comedy music video! Same deal--leave a comment or email me.

I need to get out of town. I love Chicago, I am finding that I am starting to hate it, too, and it's not even winter yet. With the "what do we do about a car" question and the fact that we lost some money on the Kentucky Trip That Never Was, things are just a bit more complicated than I would like them to be, and all I want to do is take a vacation. We have a few prospects for weekend and day trips in October and November, so that's good, then there are holidays coming up and December is going to be trying to see Christopher and Katie before their big African departure. The good news is that since I reached my insurance deductible earlier this year, my recent trips to the ER seem to be covered. What a relief!  One day at a time, right?

That's all I got today.


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Mpp! That was me typing "noo!" on the wrong keys. Have you been outside this week? Postpone your Chicago hate for a more worthy week.

I think I'll be there on 10/15.