Pros and Cons of getting a new car (by which I mean new-to-us.) (updated to make more sense. Apparently my brain doens't understand pros and cons lists)


Pro: New car!
Pro: Driving!
Pro: Listening to the radio during my commute!
Pro: Being able to take day trips! Whenever we want!
Pro: Going to the store!
Pro: Hauling things!
Pro: Not having to deal with drunk Cubs fans!
Pro: Not having to deal with a late train ride after a show!
Pro: You get everywhere quicker!
Pro: You can give people rides!
Pro: You don't have to rent cars when you need one!
Pro: Good in emergency situations!
Pro: Cuts my commute time from 30-60 minutes to a cool 23 minutes!

Con: Expensive car payments.
Con: Buying Gas.
Con: Maintenance.
Con: Again, car payments.

Pros and Cons for not getting a new car:

Pro: Not having a car loan payment!
Pro: I'll be able to read more books! (I've already read one!)
Pro: One less thing to worry about!
Pro: Save on car payments, insurance, and parking space rent!
Pro: Not having to decide who will be the designated driver!

Con: No control of when you'll get somewhere.
Con: Having to walk a lot and go up and down stairs all the time (hopefully this is only a temporary Con, while my knee heals.)
Con: Having to deal with humanity on the bus and the train.
Con: Winter.
Con: Not having a car.


You need a car. That is the biggest reason right there!!

could you get an iGO or zipcar membership?

livingsocial has a zipcar deal RIGHT NOW. we are getting it because we have had some shady times using i-go.

I wouldn't necessarily put winter in the con category of not having a car...unless you have a garage, having a car in Chicago winter SUUUCKS.
I have an I-Go car membership, and I LUV it! Highly recommend!! (if you happen to decide to go I-Go, put me down as a referral, please!)