Friday Roundup!

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Happy Friday! Here are some things that are going on in the world and in my mind.

Claire interviewed me and another friend about officiating wedding ceremonies! What an honor. Read it here!

Our friend Mike is fighting cancer, and there is a fundraiser to help him pay for his medical bills. If you are looking for a place to make a donation, please consider Mike! He's amazing and talented and we want him to stick around a while and get back on his feet. Fuzzy and I made a donation of our own and with some proceeds we've made through the sales of our Fuck Cancer bracelets.

Impress These Apes Season 4 Contestant and all around nice guy Daniel Kibblesmith is going to be featured on Monday's episode of Bravo TV's Millionaire Matchmaker. Little did Patty know that she could just "fix it with eyes."

Speaking of Apes, we close Monday! Get your tickets now! Watch it live online!

Speaking of Blewt!-- Reminder that our Don't Spit The Water! Pilot airs September 3rd at Midnight! That's next Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Speaking of TV, I am sad that Expedition Impossible is over. I could probably watch it every day. I am happy with the winners!

The online Sirius radio listening device still sucks. Why does it stop playing after 30 seconds?

I love figs. I had an amazing fig quiche this morning. That's right. FIG QUICHE. From Fraiche.

Today is my brother's last day at his job. Katie's been posting a lot about their upcoming move. SO WEIRD AND EXCITING!

Oh, God. It's Friday, which means that there is a new Drunk Monkeys video over at Four Squirrels. We are drinking Herbsaint. The video is 8 minutes long. And we are DRUNK. I apologize to Jen for being such a steamroller. And my apologies to Mike Doughty for mangling the "Yellow number 5" lyric from Bus to Beelzebub. Wow.

Fuzzy and I have signed up for the Bucktown 5K. Which give me a new goal--to be running again by October 2nd. BRING IT.


I HAVE DECIDED TO COMPETE IN TOMORROW'S TRIATHLON!  I know that it will be painful and difficult, but I can live with that more than I could live with my own disappointment and shame if I didn't try. If the pain gets too excrutiating, I can always stop. But I bet I can push through it--its only a 6 mile bike and 1.5 miles on my feet. Easy, right? If you want to come out for it, and you certainly don't have to as I am going to be slow and hobbly, it is at Foster Beach tomorrow morning.  I will be in wave 9, starting at 7:54 am, in a white swim cap. EEEE! HOW EXCITING!

Have an amazing weekend everyone!

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See you Sunday!