Father's Day


My friend Michael D. Starcevich made this amazing and beautiful 2 part music video. Please watch these 2 in this order, and get ready to bawl.

Watch this first:

Then this:


Then go back and watch the first one again and bawl even harder. Wow. Amazing. My friend Roni is in it, too. I love her.

This Sunday, I am appearing in this show and it didn't even occur to me that Sunday is Father's Day until the other night. I realized, though, that I am honoring my dad in a special way by doing the show. When he was dying, I promised him I would continue to make silly comedy shows for the world. Which, when I stopped performing, I worried about cause I didn't want to not honor my promise. But I am back on stage now, so what better way to celebrate him and his life than by doing a super silly show on Father's Day? Beautiful.


WOW is all I can say. How awesome! Thinking about you this weekend.

Ok you did warn me but dang I didn't know how much this would touch me! Thanks = ) I am going to have to share this!

Amanda Vance Fife

Thank God I did not watch this at work! Totally weepy and snotty now.

Yup. Tears.