Catching Up


Hello everyone!
There is so much to catch you up on. Here goes nothing:

1) That's The Gig was a total blast! I had a lot of fun working with Jeff and the rest of the cast on the show. I wasn't nervous beforehand (take THAT former anxiety!) but once I got to where I had to recite my lines on stage, I tripped up a little bit. Plus, we learned the blocking only a few moments before showtime, so there was a lot of "is this our scene?" whispering happening backstage. What a rush! My sincere thanks to Megan, Dana, Ever, Lisa, Alex, John, Abby, Hans, Candy, Ed and Jeff!

2) Impress These Apes starts on Monday with a live casting special! It is going to be something else, that's for sure. Then the regular run starts July 11.

3) I took a few weeks off from Kiss Kiss rehearsals (due to the pilot and other things) and this week, I threw myself back into it. So fun! I helped create an awesome solo for Naughty Natanya, and built an adorable trio with Elisa Purls, Minnie Minx and Special K, and tomorrow work on a new solo with Minnie. I am trying to get caught up on my backlog of choreography and reconceptualize some dances as well.

4) Our car had more issues the other day, resulting in tons more work and money. We thought we could buy a gently used car, and test drove some hybrids, but alas, it isn't in our budget for now. We fixed the car and fortunately, they said it can handle our South Carolina roadtrip.

5) Speaking of, we will be driving down to Columbia for the 4th of July weekend to see Christopher and Katie's house one last time and to load up and haul stuff of theirs we are keeping back to Chicago. Cds, special books, etc. Now to deal with all the stuff from Memaw and Mom's houses to make room for this.... yikes.

6) I biked to work today! The new bike is great. It was beautiful and quiet once I got to the North Shore path, and it was fairly easy. 8ish miles in 50 minutes. I think the triathlon distance is 12, so I need to just keep on biking and stick with it. Of course, with this daily rain storming, it makes it a little hard for me. But at least I am trying!

7) Watershed is my new favorite bar. If you live in Chicago and want to go, let me know and I will meet you there.

8) OH! All you Mississippians will appreciate this! Look what we FINALLY got downtown! YESSS!



9) I had been letting my hair grow out for Cutie in DSTW, so yesterday, I chopped it all off again. Ahhhh. That's more like it. Although this photo makes me look like a gopher.


10) Lots of fun things to look forward to these days: Roadtrip, outdoor activites, my upcoming 5 year wedding is good!

The other night, driving home from rehearsal, the air was warm and blues was playing on the radio. I was happy and heading home to the love of my life, who was waiting for me with roast chicken and veggies. These 4 airplanes (or UFOS) were in my field of vision, twinkling an amber light and fluttering in the sky, looking so magical, and I was overwhelmed with happiness and joy and appreciation for my life. I am so very blessed. And really happy. I am consciously aware of this right now, and it feels amazing.

worn out


The most beautiful gopher ever.

What's that in the Chil Fil A picture? I'm looking forward to our date. Also I want to go to Watershed with you. Also you're my favorite gopher even more than Scooter from the muppets.

Sounds like you are busy, busy, busy! And, thanks to you, I believe I may have to drive across town to get some Chick fil A!

I didn't recognize that it was Chick fil A!!! And I certainly don't think you look like a gopher!!!! A GOPHER?? Maybe a meerkat.

Love you, Erica!

I love you too!