Custom Christmas Gifts

I love my family and friends.

My brother, though he is now a college administrator and social worker, was originally an artist and a graphic designer. He blew me away with this awesome T-shirt for Christmas this year.

 Parker Parkour

PARKER PARKOUR! Oh man. Best T-Shirt Ever. I can't get over it. So funny!

Our friend Noah this year made us these amazing Erica and Fuzzy Munnies. Fuzzy and Erica Munnys by Noah Ginex What impresses me the most is the amazingly accurate tattoos: Tattoo details on Munnys Even my new tattoo! Erica Munny tattoo detail Love it. Noah previously made us these awesome Pez Heads, and his girlfriend Stephanie previously made us these awesome DADA Flutter and DADA Little Piece of String dolls as well as my amazing Cutie Bumblesnatch doll. The Ginex/Hoerner household is good to us!

Thanks guys! I feel so special!