Happys News Years!

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Here we are...last day of 2010. What a year it was. It was one of the hardest years ever, yet I am happy to say that I am not sitting here with a sense of resentment or frustration of they year that it was, but rather relief. We had to have the hard times to get to where we are now, and I am truly happy with where I am now.  I am so happy and blessed in my marriage (I really am the luckiest woman on earth to have Fuzzy), I have the best friends ever, Mom is doing well, and I have exciting creative projects on the horizon.

I am really looking forward to 2011. I have big plans--big plans that I am excited about. 

Here are some things that are going to happen in the new year:

My burlesque show is going to open and be a smash hit.  I love this show. I love that it is an open run and I can add new dances when I like. I love that we have to keep it fresh. I love that I get to work with these amazing performers. I love that I get to workshop the coquettes solos with them. I love that my 27 year dance career is better than ever. I love that I am getting deeper into the burlesque scene. I love that I never stress about rehearsals or the work involved, and that I come home feeling like a million bucks.

I am going to focus on athleticism. I am going to be dancing a lot. I am going to be teaching a lot. I want to go to two dance classes a week. I want to get back into boxing, whether it is going to be in a class or with a freestanding heavy bag in my sunroom that I don't yet have. I am going to run a lot. I am going to complete the Soldier Field 10. I am going to do a sprint distance triathlon. I am going to be healthy and better than ever.

I am going to have more confidence. I am going to dress well. I am going to take care in my appearance and how I behave around people.

I am going to see the people that I love. I am going to see my brother at least twice before he moves off of the continent. I am going to have dinners with friends. I am going to enjoy my time with my loved ones.

I am going to get out of debt. We are so close I can taste it!

I am going to go to Paris. Yep. We are going.

I am going to manage my stress.

I am going to eat a lot of great food and drink amazing things.

I am going to laugh a lot.

Happy New Year, everybody. Thank you all for being you.

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I will run with you. Let's make a date.

Also: I think we are going to Italy this year

I owe you a real email. argh! Monday!