A Photo Tour of Our New Awesome Christmas Ornaments

On Thursday last week, I met Fuzzy downtown at the Christkindlmarket, an awesome outdoor holiday market that has great food, yummy gluhwine and adorable items for sale. It was super cold, super crowded and a lot of things were sold out, so we didn't stick around for that long. However, on our way out of the market, we walked past one of two ornament shops that sell handpainted glittery glass ornaments from Germany, and this caught our eye (all photos by Fuzzy):

A dolphin swallowing Jesus
What? A dolphin swallowing Jesus? Fuzzy suggested Jonah and the whale, which makes more sense, but come on.

So we were walking past the other ornament shop when this caught our eye: The ornament that made us turn around and go back into the Christkindlmarket
You know, a witch. A Christmas witch. Holding a cat, or as Fuzzy said, a seal.

That, combined with beautiful clip on birds, made us turn around, go back into the crowd and wait in line to enter the shop. What happened in the next 25 minutes was hilarious, amazing, and even still keeps me laughing. Allow me to introduce you to our new Christmas Ornaments.
 Bird Ornaments
The aforementioned clip on birds. Aren't they gorgeous? So shiny. I love them. Squirrel and Pickle Ornaments
A winter squirrel and the traditional Christmas pickle. Food Ornaments
Now, anyone who knows us knows we love to drink coffee, and we use our stovetop espresso maker ALL THE TIME (Thanks to our friends Becky and Andy!). So we couldn't resist a glittery glass one. And the bratwurst, well, come on. I love any hot dog type sausage product.
Scary Ornaments
THE WITCH! And a glittery ghost and skull! Because it's Christmas.
And finally:
Sexy Ornaments
Words cannot describe.
 Sexy Ornaments
We put them front and center on our tree.
 Christmas tree
Can you see them? (Yes, that is Pig of Gerdes and Pig in a Santa hat as our tree topper.) Rawwwrrr...
Va Va Voom!

Oh man. We spent a small fortune on those ornaments, but they are worth every penny. It was such a blast picking them out and putting them on the tree. I look forward to pulling them out year after year!



These are amazing.

I laughed so hard on the train that I snorted and totally embarrassed myself. As far as I'm concerned, those ornaments have paid for themselves. :)

I can certainly see why you were so excited about them!!!!I love them all!!!

This post makes me want to hang out with you two people post haste.