Some Things I am Loving Right Now

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Fuzzy and I are trucking along on our purging and cleaning project, and we've been making some great strides in building our home together. I am also feeling really good about the holidays and life and work and dance and everything (for the most part--there are always hiccups), so here is a list of some things I am loving these days.

1. Our New Mattress--we made an investment this year in a new mattress, trading in our crappy springy old one that Fuzzy had had forever. We now have the most amazingly wonderful mattress that anyone in life has ever slept on. Seriously, we've had it for a week and I could live on it--I sleep through the night, don't stir too much, and feel rested in the morning. The other morning when the alarm went off, I got angry at it for making me get out of "my good friend." That is how my brain processed the act of waking up. For interested parties, it is a Simmons Beauty Rest Firm Plush bought at Sleep City at 3154 North Clark Street. To paraphrase Butthead, from Beavis and Butthead, "I don't know where Sleep City is, but I want to find it on a map and go there." (Points go to anyone who isn't Fuzzy who can correctly name where Butthead was wanting to go.)

2. Our New Windows--here's how easy it is to get new windows with our awesome rental agency ICM Properties--ask. Our house has been an icebox wind tunnel for the longest time, and now we have amazing windows that make so much more of our house livable. We've had them for about 2 days now, and the difference is amazing.

3. Lactaid Brand Eggnog--Seriously, people, brilliant. I've had to cut back my eggnog addiction over the years cause of the barf response after I drink it, but NO MORE! I can drink glasses of it, and my taste buds are none the wiser and my stomach is happy.

4. Target--I think all of my money is going there these days, but we've gotten food, gifts, clothes, housewares, everything there. Including a very special cat accoutrement that we will reveal later.

And then there is the non-material things:
5. Fuzzy--always and forever. My best friend and perfect partner.
6. My Family--they are hilarious.
7. My awesome friends, for everything.
8. My kitties--so sweet and snuggly.
9. A job--not only do I have one, I enjoy it!
10. Dancing--it's my first love, and it feels good to be back in it.
11. My family coming to Chicago for Christmas--can't wait!

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Love it!! Just wait until you travel and have to sleep in another will be thanking heaven for your fabulous mattress :) So glad to hear you are doing well. Love from Nashville and Merry Christmas!!