Eggnog Martini


Yesterday, Melissa sent me this recipe for an Eggnog Martini. I instantly knew that we would be making them last night, and one way that Fuzzy and I are such a team is that once I sent him the recipe, his reply was "I just bought eggnog and Frangelico."

Fuzzy Martini prep.JPG

The drink according to the recipe makes a small amount, but is super strong. I added more nog to mine and it was utterly deeeeeelicious. Fuzzy drank his full strength and said it was very martini-y.


Fuzzy Martini.jpg


If I have had an eggnog martini every night since I saw this post, does that mean I have a problem? I think it just means I have a lot of Christmas spirit! (hic)

Sounds festive. Fuzzy totally looks the part of an eggnog martini drinker too. Class act, Fuzzy, class act.