A Crash of Critters

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Scrabble Owls.jpg

Our good friend Kate O'Leary has an art show currently at the Fill In The Blank Gallery at 5038 N. Lincoln in Chicago. The show is called "A Crash of Critters" and it is based on Terms of Venery, including a Murder of Crows, a Crash of Rhinos, a Clowder of Cats, a Ballet of Swans, Parliament of Owls, and a Parade of Elephants in silkscreened linen plushes and pen and ink. All items are available for sale--plushes, originals and prints.

Opening Tonight

A Crash of Rhinos


Even if we weren't friends with Kate, I would love her art--so much color and vibrancy and fun and adorableness. I want to hang it all on my walls!

Kate in action!

If you live in Chicago, I highly recommend checking it out. If you do not live in Chicago, might I suggest checking out her Flickr stream or maybe purchasing some of her adorable nursery art?

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Ha! Amy (Jen's sister) was just telling me about this and that I should go see it. I have a soft spot for owls, so I think I need me one of these softies...Also, I know a few of the gals behind {fill in the blank} and they are awesome!