We went to a Bulls game last week, and it was a lot of fun. The spectacle of seeing a game live is amazing. There is a giant inflatable Benny the Bull that flies around the stadium, people shooting things into the crowd, parachutes falling from the ceiling, animated races that win you donuts, Benny the Bull Bowling, and of course, the Luvabulls. In addition to the Luvabulls, there is the Incredibulls, and the Inflatabulls, so Fuzzy and I came up with some other Bulls marketing ideas:

The Detectibulls--they go into the crowd and give cancer screenings
The Preventabulls--they shoot condoms out of a cannon
The Insatiabulls--they just can't get enough
The Malliabulls--contortionist group
The Capabulls--they can do it!
The Forgetabulls--I don't remember what they do