The Sincerest Pumpkin Patch

This past Sunday, our friends Johnny, Anne and Violet invited us out to Didier Farms, a pumpkin patch in a nearby suburb. Fuzzy and I have been trying to get to a pumpkin patch for years, but October is historically a hard month for us to do anything, so we've never been. We looked at our calendars, we had a free morning, so we got up super early and headed on over. It was so fun! Here are some pics from the day, almost all of which are by Fuzzy Gerdes.


Anne's a sheep! I'm a horse!
Anne and Erica

Uh Oh, Fuzzy's in trouble.

Lots of pretty pumpkins!



There was a petting zoo, and you could feed the animals. I made some new friends!
The Ninja Llama (I didn't see him in there for a long time)
Erica and llama

Sweet Donkey! Donkey Shoot!
Erica and donkey

I should take this moment to point out to all my non mid-western friends that yes, I am wearing my full winter down coat. This was this past Sunday. Yes, it's been in the low 40s here. Yes, I miss Southern Autumns.

HAYRIDE TIME! I'd never been on a hayride before--I think I rode in the back of a tractor pull one time at Warren Central, but otherwise, hayrides have been a thing of fantasy for me. I finally was able to live the dream!
Erica, how do you feel about hayrides?
How does Erica feel about hayrides?

Anne, how bout you?
Oh! Sorry I asked.

Johnny and Violet? How about you?
Johnny and Violet

We drove down "Scarecrow Alley" on the hayride, and there were some popular Halloween favorites: Darth Vader, Michael Jackson, The Joker, Waldo, and...Edward Cullen?
Edward Cullen scarecrow

After a tiring morning, we all had to take a big ole nap.

(But seriously, look at those precious piggy butts! So cute!)