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Last year for our anniversary, Fuzzy gave me the domain name www.waffleswaffleswaffles.com, which was a long running joke that started between my friend George and I about 'where can you buy a good waffle iron?' and later became the website that you go to when you are looking for anything. Fuzzy put some sweet videos on there, and Noah wrote a theme song for the site.

This year for our anniversary, Noah and a bunch of awesome folks made a video to the WWW theme song. Get ready for some awesome:

In other fun times, this was Fuzzy's cartoon of the day yesterday. It is so true to life!
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Holy cow, that's just a fabulous video. I'm floored at how freaking professional it is. You have some talented peeps in your life. You're one of them! Have you told Kate I'm in love with her yet? HA!