One for One

Last week, I treated myself and ordered some Toms Shoes. For every one pair your order, they give a pair to a shoeless child in an impoverished country. I always need slip on shoes, plus, I feel guilty when I buy things for myself, so I felt this was a good compromise!


They are so comfy! And cute, too! The color will be good in every season, and I know I will wear the snot out of them. It is hard to do, but it really makes a difference when you think about where your money goes--if it can go to help people, or to support your friends, all the better. I am really trying to be more conscious with my life and spending. Knowing that a child will now have a pair of shoes to wear, maybe even their first, makes me really happy.

If you want to buy a pair, enter the code shareTOMS in when you order for $5 off! They have vegan shoes, too!