Heck Yeah!


Hey guys! Yeah! Today is looking pretty great, wouldn't you say?

I am finding myself in the wonderful place where I am actually doing really well. I am happy, I am feeling good, and when people ask me how I am doing, I can say "Good!" and mean it. That feels great.

I am getting some really fun gigs, both choreography and other, and that is exciting. Apes is gearing up, too, and we have lots of surprises in store. We've announced our cast, with videos and photos to come soon. Check them out at www.impresstheseapes.com!

I've really be listening to myself lately, and my needs. I am not taking on too much. If I don't want to talk on the phone, I don't. If I can't follow through with the plans that I have because it is too much, I don't. It feels good to get to a place where I don't feel a lot of obligations--I do things if I want to do them, and if I can't, that is ok. There is no pressure on myself. I am my own person, an adult, capable of making my own decisions, and able to listen to what my body and mind needs. Things that used to stress me out? Gone. (or at least, I try to get them out of my head.) I am cognizant enough to know that this won't last forever, and it is a part of the ebb and flow, so I am going to live in it and enjoy it while it is here.

The weekend was very eventful--I went horsebacking riding again on Friday with a friend, hung out with a friend that night, Saturday we went to Indiana to see some of Fuzzy's friends, Sunday was kind of rough, but we stayed in and did a lot of talking and purging, and yesterday I hung out with a friend who doesn't live in Chicago anymore, but when I see her, I always feel like my health and sanity meter is refilled, much like my heart level in Zelda. Last night I worked with the Apes on a new intro dance. I am blessed to have so many friends who are willing to share their lives with me.

This week proves to be super exciting as well--tomorrow night, the Wood Brothers are playing in Evanston and I am excited for that! This weekend, we'll be seeing more friends and doing more Apes stuff and seeing more shows...good times.

And finally, Bryan introduced me to this video, and I think it is one of the best things I have seen in a long time. I can't stop watching it.