That's A Good Enough Reason To Live

What a night.

Fuzzy and I arrived at Evanston SPACE last night at about 8pm to see the Wood Brothers perform live. I've been a fan of theirs for a few years now, with their album Ways Not to Lose being one of my alltime favorite albums. I was giddy with excitement.

Evanston SPACE is a beautiful venue--table seating, general admission chairs, a nicely stocked bar, amazing acoustics, beautiful stage lighting, a nice plain brick wall, space for 250--add in folky bluesy Americana music, and I am in concert Heaven. We managed to get the last 2 chairs together in the general admission seating section, which was nice since we didn't pay extra for table seating, and the view of the stage was great.

The opening act was a young female duo, with the main artist being Tristen, though I wish they'd been billed as Tristen and Larissa, because the other girl was talented enough to split the billing. They had wonderful harmonies and good songs and a really cute energy. They were really young, so I know they have a great career ahead of them. And with a voice like Tristen's, we'll all be lucky for that. We bought both her albums.

BABY DRUGs on the front porch

Then the main event--the Wood Brothers! I believe that Chris Wood (of Medeski Martin and Wood fame) is one of the most amazing bass players around, and I thrilled I got to see him perform live. And perform they did--the two of them rocked out for about an hour and a half, playing songs from both their studio albums and their new EP of cover songs. It was amazing, and everyone in the room was loving what they were hearing--you could tell. Sometimes Fuzzy and I would just close our eyes and snuggle next to each other just so we could experience the music and each other--it was a beautiful night.

One of the covers that they performed was the Allman Brothers Midnight Rider. I cried, overwhelmed with everything--the wonderful music, life, what we've been through, the fact that we are still going, missing Dad. It was a beautiful moment.
It was a beautiful night. And one of the best concerts I've ever seen.

The title of this post is from the lyrics of the song Chocolate On My Tongue. Check it out.