Amazing Weekend in New York City! (pt 1)


To celebrate our 3rd anniversary, Fuzzy and I jetsetted our way to the Big Apple for a weekend getaway. I apologize to my NY friends that I didn't call or tell we were coming--part of the fun was keeping it a secret and doing what we wanted to do while not being on a schedule. The whole motivation behind going was to see the show Fuerzabruta and see my bestie, Erica and her family, and we successfully did those things and soooo much more. It was a blast, and it felt like we were there for a week!


Ok! So!
The first thing we did when we landed in Manhattan was hit up the Ess-a-Bagel, the best bagel place in the world (thanks to Alex for introducing us to it so many years ago!). After some delicious everything bagels with smoked salmon and scallion cream cheese, we headed over to the Highline, a new park opened up on an old train track that ran through the city and buildings in the 30s.

The Highline

It was beautiful! Wildflowers, train tracks and an amazing view of the city.

The Highline

We walked the whole distance from end to end (not too bad--just a few blocks.) Insert adorable photo here:
Fuzzy and Erica

In the distance from the Highline, you could see the Statue of Liberty. In all the time I've spent in NYC, I've never seen the Statue with my own two eyes. Fuzzy suggested that we walk down to the Staten Island Ferry to go see it, and since we were on no schedule, that was the best idea ever. We walked down the Hudson River for miles and miles, and it was such a gorgeous day--it was perfect and a great way to see the amazing culture, art, and melting pot-ness of NY.

Fuzzy points to the Future (and also New Jersey)
Fuzzy points to the fuuuuture (and New Jersey)

Erica and her PoCampo bag in NY
Here I am modeling my new PoCampo bag. I am proud of us for packing light--all my stuff fit in my PoCampo bag and all Fuzzy's fit in a backpack! Usually we have suitcases and suitcases.

I found some boobs on the riverwalk, so I had to pinch one. Ok, so they were supposed to be eyes, but come on.

After walking forever, we stopped for some sushi and an ice cold Victory Beer in a beer garden.

Fuzzy enjoys a Victory Brewing beer
Righteous beard, Fuzzy! (a waiter told him that in NY)
Erica enjoys a Victory Brewing beer
Sometimes when I smile, it looks like I'm in pain.

Staten Island Ferry
The Staten Island Ferry is free and so fun! It was a great way to spend an hour. I even dozed off on the way back.

Statue of Liberty
Lady Liberty herself.

(to be continued)


My mom always used to book us into the Algonquin! I love it there. YAY!

Love the pics, you guys are cute.

i love the staten island ferry. it was always one of my favorite "touristy but not too touristy" things to do in the city.