Time to report in to keep everyone up to date on some current goings on. Here we go:

1) We went to church yesterday! It was really lovely to get up and out on a Sunday morning and be in a loving church environment. It totally set the tone for the whole day. The sunshine and warmer temperatures totally helped, too. It was a lovely service-- one that I needed to hear-- and I spoke briefly with the sweet Pastor on the way out. I was happy that she remembered me, and she was sad to hear about Dad's passing. It was really nice. Next week, I think we are going to try out Berry, so that will be fun.

2) We went to brunch at Morseland yesterday. Holy Yummers. It was great, too, cause all the other brunch places had huge masses waiting outside to get a table, and we just waltzed in at Morseland and got a seat. Two Words: Caramelized Bacon.

3) I finished Topher's book, Necessary Luxuries, a compilation of the column he has written over the last several years for David Magazine in Atlanta. It was so funny and charming and easy to read, and it was an added bonus for me, because now I am caught up on what's happened in his life over the last several years.

And now 4 books are checked off the list!

4) I have painted my nails red for the first time in my life, and I kind of love it. It is a deep maroon, so not REALLY red, but it is a huge step for me considering that the only lipstick or nail polish I have ever worn (not for a show) has been in the Nude or Pinkish shade. I have only worn red lipstick recreationally once in my life, but it was in Florida on a vacation with Erica, Andrew and Topher when I was 19 or 20 and I wore a short red sexy dress and red lipstick to a club (I have photos.) Incidently, that night I got hit on by a weird Vanilla Ice wannabe who was wearing patriotic American flag Hammer pants... I suppose it was the 4th of July weekend, but still, that is no excuse. Anyways, back to the nails--it is kinda pretty! I feel a little bit like a gypsy, but I also feel pretty girly, too.

5) I have a phone phobia--you know, I am one of those people who never answers their phone or returns a phone call (I know of others who are the same way, so therefore, I don't think this is weird.) However, I am trying to be better about this, so I am happy to report that I returned THREE phonecalls this week. (pat pat pat on my own back.) They were lovely.

6) ANTM is on now, and I have to just throw it out there--I don't really care. WHAT?! Who are you and what have you done with Erica?! Yeah...they are on our DVR, so I'll get to them sooner or later, but for some reason, I am just more enthralled with RuPaul Drag Race and The Amazing Race...hmmm...maybe if it was called Americas Next Top Model Race? Hmm...

7) Fuzzy signed up for the Chicago Triathalon later this year! WOWEE! Go Baby Go!

That's all for now...more soon!


>>, I am just more enthralled with RuPaul Drag Race and The Amazing Race...hmmm...maybe if it was called Americas Next Top Model Race? Hmm...

This made me laugh! Did you see TAR this week? During the "undie marathon", near the back of the pack, the two sisters?

As the younger sister is running towards the steps, the older sister (man, I really don't know anyone's name on the show this year except Mike White!) - anyway, the older sister yells, "C'mon America's Next Top Model!"

There's something meta about watching a reality show reference another reality show.

Although, I dig that she's a fan of both ANTM and TAR...because I am too.

The Beatles were right. I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. Watching ANTM.

Goo goo g'joob, Erica.

I DID notice that! I love it. I also love that the younger sister was all like 'I look good.'

Did you notice, also, that the girl in the Travelocity commercial that they show during TAR (the commercial with the view from the window) is Anne from like season 3 of ANTM? Yep, I am a nerd and got all excited. And then googled it just to prove that I was right. To myself.

Goo goo g'joob indeed.

I admit, I dont' watch the commercials too often. But I remember Anne (I think.)

Was she the one that befriended Eva and then felt all slighted when she realised that 1) Eva was in it to win it and 2) that Eva wasn't there to prop her up emotionally?